Gardening Accessories To Make Your Work In The Garden A
Little Easier

Are you making hard work of your gardening? The addition of a few gardening accessories can make all the difference to your workload. Although not an exaustive list, some of the more common garden accessories are listed below.

Of course there are many accessories that we really can't do without such as a watering can, hose reel and wheel barrow.

However, there are others like a timed sprinkler system that will automatically water your lawn, flower bed or vegetable patch, and whilst not an absolute neccessity is certainly a time saver.

Other gardening accessories such as hanging baskets and window boxes will help to enhance your garden and patio, adding a touch of class.


Dibbers are useful gardening accessories for making planting holes, the smallest are penciled size used for inserting seeds and cuttings. Larger ones for planting vegetables. They are cheap enough to buy but they can be made easy enough from off cuts of wood.

Flame Guns...

If you have a garden that's got a mind of it's own, and is beginning to look 'Jurassic Park' a Flame Gun will soon have it under control. Some flame guns have detachable hoods which can help the flame concentrate on smaller areas, such as between rows of crops.

Compost Bins...

For the vegetable or flower garden a compost bin is a worthwhile investment. Composting is an inexpensive and natural way of converting kitchen and garden waste into a valuable and nutrient rich food for your garden.

Apart from the fact you are doing your bit for the environment, your compost will help to improve the soil structure and moisture levels whilst helping to suppress disease.

Cloches and Cold Frames...

Cloches and cold frames are found in a variety of styles and designs, but they all have the same goal, that is to help protect young plants, and create an environment whereby plants can grow more vigorously.

Both of these useful gardening accessories can be made at home with a little ingenuity and a few basic tools.

Bird Netting
Protect your precious crops with a good quality netting

Cold Frame
Get an early start to your growing season with a cold frame

Compost Bin
Modern composting bins are generally made from plastic or wood and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs

Container Gardening
Any home can be made most welcoming with the addition of containers full of colorful flowers

Drip Irrigation
Irrigation systems are useful at any time, but particularly in time of drought when there is a shortage of water.

Fruit Picker
Protect your fruit and tree from damage with a quality fruit picker

Garden Trellis
The trellis can be both a practical, yet appealing, way for you to support climbing flowers, vegetables or vines

Worm Compost Bin
By introducing a worm compost bin along side your traditional compost bin, you will be able to produce a liquid feed which is rich in nutrients for all your plants and vegetables.

Hanging Baskets
For great summer displays, Petunias, Geranium, Lobelia, Impatiens and Fuschias are an excellent choice

Garden Cart
In addition to moving garden waste, you can haul bags of compost, chicken feed, fertilizer and tools over uneven ground easily

Garden Kneeler
Protect you knees and reduce back strain with the help of a garden kneeler

Garden Wheelbarrow
From the smallest to the largest gardens you will find times when you have to tackle a large project and need to move things around.

Plant Pots
The planting of trees in planter boxes or large and impressive containers is favored by many inner urban developments as well as many houseowners who wish to add a specific theme to their garden.

Rain Barrels
The most effective way to keep your garden alive during a dry spell is to take a few precautionary measures

Row Covers
Support hoops can be used for plants as they grow, which is great for larger garden plants such as tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers

Soil Tester
Check the ph level of your soil with this handy garden accessory

Tree Guard
Give young trees a boost and help protect them from rodents and other animals

Window Boxes
Boxes full of colorful flowers can transform any plain uninteresting home, and give it the appearance of a picturesque country cottage

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