Flower Gardening Can Provide Spectacular Displays Of Color All Season Long

Flower gardening has become one of the most popular pastimes over recent years for a variety of reasons. There's something special about flowers that lightens up everyone’s day. They look spectacular, smell wonderful, and are a splendid hobby to engage in. Growing flowers is not difficult and is relatively inexpensive, as well as being tremendous fun.

The majority of gardeners choose to use a combination of both annuals that live for just one season, and perennials that make it through the wintertime and come back during the summer time

However, before buying your seeds or plants, pay close attention to which kind of flowers are going to prosper in your environment. For example, combining different heights, colors, and different types of flowers together in a “wild-plant style” will provide your back garden with a meadow look that can be quite charming.

By planting shorter flowers at the front of your garden with taller flowers at the rear you will have a “stepping stone style”.

Once you have bought your flowers and prepared your garden it's a smart idea to lay your flowers out in a bed to ensure you like the layout, and that there is enough room for future growth.

Planting is the easiest process of all in flower gardening. If you are going to sow seeds, just sprinkle them on the flower bed where you want them to grow.

For plants simply dig a hole a little larger than the root, remove the pot, and set the flower in the hole right side up. Cover it with loose soil and press down firmly, then water. The maintenance of a flower garden is necessary for producing a good display, but is not difficult. It's possible flowers will make it by themselves, but fertilizer applied in early springtime is advisable.

Some plants will require pinching back after they have bloomed, and they will need to be watered during the warmer weather.

You can save yourself a lot of work for the following season by ridding your garden of all debris that has accumulated, and spreading a layer of organic compost. While you're about it don’t forget to turn the soil over to thoroughly mix in the fertilizer and then to rake smooth when done. In the event that you have planted perennials take care not to disturb their roots.

Planting and maintaining a flower garden is as simple as 1, 2, and 3 and is unquestionably rising in popularity as the years go by. Virtually anyone can be successful at growing flowers in the garden, and furthermore gardening offers an excellent reason to spend time outdoors, to be creative, get exercise and to test out your green thumb.

Annual Flowers
Although annuals flower for only one year their amazing show of color make sure they are definitely worth the time and money invested

Butterfly Gardening
To attract as many butterflies as possible it is recommended to look for out those flowers and plants that will entice the species of butterflies that frequent your neighborhood

Plants need numerous elements to grow. Generally, all but 3 of these elements exist in the air and the soil in quantities sufficient to sustain plant growth.

Flower Arranging
Displaying your flowers is fun especially when being creative in stylish but simple ways.

Perennial Flowers
Perennials grown in suitable climates are strong plants that return annually without the need for you to replant or do any additional work

Wild Flowers
Set aside a small area in your garden for wild flowers to attract small insects that are important for pollination

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Flower Gardening

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