Garden Landscaping Adds A New Dimension Of Color And Beauty To Tired Gardens

There's nothing more exciting than doing your own Garden Landscaping. It can be challenging at times, but it will certainly get your imagination working overtime, and you will have a lot of fun planting and rearranging your shrubs, plants and flowers.

Most, if not all of the work can most likely be done with the gardening tools you already have in your garden shed, such as spade, fork, rake, hand trowel and hoe.

By layering your garden beds you will be able to add a whole new dimension and level of beauty to your landscaping design.

Your garden is one of the first things people see when they come to your home, and giving a grand tour that includes a fabulous garden is always fun and exciting.

Layering your garden...

This is relatively easy to do, and it allows you to be as creative as you want to be. However you will need to know which flowers you are going to plant first.

The choices that you make as far as the flowers and other plants will affect just how your garden landscaping is laid out. Check the final height, the color and the flowering times of the plants and you will have a truly stunning garden all year.

For example, you don't want to have the taller plants in front of the shorter ones. This is obvious but you should still make a rough sketch of where you want things laid out before you begin. This will help you to keep things as simple as possible. Your landscaping project will go a lot faster this way and you will avoid potential problems later on.

When layering you should have about three layers. Your back row should face north, if it can, and the back row should have the tallest plants and as the rows descend so should the heights of the plants and flowers.

Bear in mind the future growth of trees, shrubs and plants. When they are first planted the area will look pretty sparse, but avoid the temptation to plant them too close together. Be patient and you will have a successful garden theme.

The layering effect of your garden landscaping design will add depth and make your garden considerably more interesting to look at. This is what will make your garden project a success. Furthermore you will find that there are a myriad of landscaping ideas to whet your appetite.

Paving stones are an excellent addition to any landscaping design, and can make a valuable contribution to the overall effect, linking and complementing other elements of the garden.

Garden Themes...

Of course you could always introduce a theme into your landscaping design. Classic Japanese gardens and Mediterranean gardens are very popular nowadays and once setup require minimal work.

Landscaping a garden does requires time and effort. However, with a little ingenuity and thought you can create a low maintenance garden that looks simply amazing.

Decorative Gravel
Whole gardens can be turned over to gravel with some judicious use of complimentary paving and attractive planting

Fish Pond
Add a fish pond to liven up your landscaping project

Front Yard Landscaping
With a little effort you can add the "WOW" factor to your home

Garden Water Feature
The addition of a water feature such as a pool or fountain will add areas of i nterest to your garden

Garden Water Fountain
Make a water fountain a feature in your backyard

Herbaceous Borders
After initial planting, you will need to water the border regularly in dry periods until the plants are established

Landscaping Design
With a little planning and thought you will find it easy to do and the end result will be absolutely stunning

Landscaping Plants
Selecting Plants for your landscape garden

Landscaping Rocks
Give your garden the natural look with different colored rocks

Landscaping Stones
Add extra color and depth to your garden design with natural stones

Landscaping Tools
There are a number of essential landscaping tools that you simply cannot do without

Landscaping Trees
Dwarf conifers combine especially well with heathers, their foliage provide fascinating contrasts of texture and color

Plate Compactor
An invaluable tool for compacting soil into a very firm and even surface that's suitable for building on

Wildflower Garden
Encourage wildlife by creating a wildflower garden.

This is almost the same thing as microclimating, just with more of a focus on adaptation to harsh conditions rather than avoiding them

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Garden Landscaping

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