Make Light Work Of The Toughest Of Tasks With A
Powered Garden Cultivator

The powered garden cultivator is a particularly helpful tool for use during the early development of garden construction, and for digging and cultivation in a vegetable garden as well as for digging borders. There are a range of assorted attachments readily available for grass cutting, hedge trimming and many other tasks.

Cultivators work with a rotary action, allowing the power driven tines to cut into and break up the soil, whilst combining fertilizer and manure on the surface.

A number of cultivator have power driven tines which make it possible for the width of cultivator to be varied, whilst other cultivators have power driven tines positioned under or in front of the engine, and other trailing wheels or no wheels at all.

This type of cultivator is cheaper than those with power driven wheels, and are capable of deep digging on the majority of soils.

Cultivators with power driven wheels have rear mounted tines and are generally easier to operate. Having said that they may not dig quite so deeply as those with power driven tines.

Troy-Bilt TB154E...

The Troy-Bilt TB154E is a 6.5 amp front tine forward rotating garden cultivator. It is lightweight and very easy to start, with just one push of a button.

This cultivator will dig all day long, slicing through hard layers of clay and transform your soil into a managable form. Suitable for smaller gardens where the soil has previously been worked.

Husqvarna CRT900...

For larger gardens or areas with particularly hard ground the Husqvarna CRT900  is a good choice. It is the the perfect tool for homeowners who are preparing large flower beds and vegetable gardens.

The 14-inch, gas-powered Husqvarna CRT900 tiller's counter-rotating tines and high rotational speed make light work of the toughest of tasks in the garden.

Additionally it is furnished with a dependable, easy-to-start Briggs & Stratton engine with forward and reverse gears for improved maneuverability around the garden.

For small plots a where it is not viable to invest in powered cultivator a hand cultivator is a useful garden tool which can be used to work the soil and remove stubborn weeds.

Husqvarna FT900
is a front-tined cultivator that is best suited for small-scale landscaping projects

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