Discover Which Hand Cultivator Will Remove Stubborn Weeds With Ease

A hand cultivator is a simple garden tool which can be used to work the soil and remove those stubborn pesky weeds. This is one of my favorite tools for minor gardening tasks and working in planters.

Over the years I have noticed that when digging with a trowel it tends to produce a hole that has hard compacted sides.

By using a cultivator it tends to leave the surrounding soil nice and crumbly, which makes it far easier for plants to establish new roots.

Weeding too is far less tiring, as weeds can be cleared a lot easier and with minimal impact to the surrounding area.

Radius Cultivator

As with most tools there are now many different designs to be found. The most recent one that I have included in my arsenal of gardening hand tools is the 'Radius Cultivator'. It has an interesting futuristic grip that provides a lot of leverage which results in far less stress for the wrist.

The 3 tines have a wedge shape that are placed at an angle, allowing you to hammer them down into the soil and strike with the tips.

I must admit that it looks a little weird, but it works very well and feels really comfortable in the hand. It's great for working in those tight spaces and scrapes out those annoying weeds with ease.

Although very light it is extremely strong, and has held up well under some pretty harsh conditions.

Todate this is among the better hand cultivators that I have used. It is a well made product, comfortable and easy to use and I am confident that it will deliver years of productive use. Selling for around $13.99 it is an excellent buy.

Cobra Head Cultivator

Another hand cultivator that I had the opportunity to try out and like the look of is the CobraHead cultivator. It has a short handle and is about as close as you are going to get to an universal garden tool.

It is a precision weeder and cultivator with a durable steel blade that literally becomes an extension of your hand. It handle weeds, cultivates, scalps, edges, digs, furrows, plants, transplants, de-thatches, and harvests with ease.

The steel blade breaks up pretty much any kind of soil and the comfortable handle makes it possible for easy left or right-hand action. It slices right down to the roots of the weeds and tough grasses, making the task far easier.

My close neighbor has several large flower beds, that had gone completely out of control. Using this tool he was able to clean them out over a weekend. This was no small task if you see the size of his flower beds. It is extremely sturdy and should last a life time.

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