Grow Your Own Garden Plants For Beautiful Flowers And Great Tasting Fruit And Vegetables

On the subject of garden plants, the choice is absolutely enormous, as these plants can relate to shrubs, flowers, grasses, herbs, vegetables, fruits, and a whole lot more.

Plants are in season at different times of the year, some in the spring, summer, fall and winter, so you can have a variety of color and vegetables throughout the course of the growing year.

Vegetables, herbs, and fruits are all a very gratifying part of the gardening process.

Primary vegetables grown in home gardens include potatoes, squash, corn, peas, cucumbers, peppers, spinach, lettuce, onions, carrots, and beets. Popular fruits are pears, plums, tomatoes, blackberries, blueberries, cherries, apricots and strawberries.

Herbs are used mainly in cooking, to spice up salads and for their amazing fragrances. Herbs that are frequently found in the home garden are mint, thyme, sage, dill, parsley, lavender, coriander and chives.

If planned carefully it's easy enough to have a colorful garden in the spring and summer months, but can be somewhat challenging during the cold, winter months, that's where a cold frame or greenhouse can come into its own.

Even though it can be challenging, with a little care you can have a colorful garden all year round. One plant that flourishes during the fall and winter months is the Rudbeckia, a wonderful yellow perennial. Other plants include the the Japanese Anemone, Christmas rose and Cosmos.

Whenever you visualize flowers you instantly imagine a garden in springtime packed with a host of, beautiful colors. Plants that flower in the spring and summertime are amongst the most stunning things on the planet, and gives a sense of satisfaction to everyone who grow them.

Amongst the most popular spring flowers are daffodils, tulips and violets. Favorites of the summertime are dahlias, lilies and roses.

A lot of gardeners will go for decorative grasses or shrubs as they add a defining look to any garden and need less maintenance. Monkey grass is an all time favorite, particularly for a sidewalk. These garden plants may be planted for their appearance, or can used as a fence or border.

Aquilegia Plants
Aquilegias that are self-sown look truly picturesque planted amongst garden shrubs

Bedding Plants
These plants are used in a variety of situations, such as borders, rockeries, containers or to fill in bare areas of the garden

Blueberry Plants
Blueberries really are a gourmet treat that can be eaten fresh or used in cobbler, cake, sauce, jam, jelly or syrup

Blackberry Plants
They are truly delicious whether they are cooked or eaten fresh

These plants are so adaptable that they will thrive under virtually all environments with the exception of heavy, water logged soils

Lavender Plants
For lavender to be grown successfully they need a sunny spot with well drained soil

Perennial Plants
When removing and replanting perennials, it is important to replenish the soil as well.

Raspberry Plants
Berries are extremely versatile and can be eaten as fresh fruit, and used in preserves, pies and pastries

Rose Plants
Roses are hardy, beautiful plants that grow easily and can survive cold weather

Strawberry Plants
For delicious and healthy fruit throughout the growing season

Tomato Plants
There is no doubt at all that home grown tomatoes will taste better than a fruit of the same variety bought from a store

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Garden Plants

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