Growing Your Own Blackberry Plants For Flavorsome And Delicious Fruit

Blackberry plants are incredibly tolerant of site and soil conditions. They are particularly out of the ordinary in that they can produce an acceptable crop of fruits even if they are grown in the shade.

They are truly delicious whether they are cooked or eaten fresh, they are bursting with flavour and are terrific for your wellbeing

However to produce the best fruit blackberry plants require full sun. They're not too fussy about soils, although good drainage is important. If the soil has a good amount of humus, all the better, but average fertility is all that is required.

It's best if plants are laid out in early spring. If you are planting upright varieties a minimum of 3 feet apart, with 8 feet between rows is best. For trailing plants, allocate 5 to 8 feet and 6 to 10 feet between rows.

Most plants are quite drought tolerant, but they will still require a regular supply of water to get them established.

In the 2nd and following years, they will need several inches of water weekly during fruit development, particularly if the weather turns windy and dry.

Chester Blackberry

Blackberry - Chester Thornless

The 'Chester' is among the best self pollinating on the market, mainly because of the large yield, sweet fruit, cold hardiness, and resistance to cane blight. The sturdy fast-growing canes require a little support as they can grow upto to 10 feet long.

The juiciest, most flavorful berries come from a life in full sun, attentive watering, proper mulching and good weed control. ‘Chester Thornless’ produces large deeply-flavored, absolutely delicious berries for preserves and freezing, but best of all for fresh use on ice cream or baked into cobblers and pies.

Darrow Blackberry

Darrow Blackberry

Darrow Blackberry Plants are extraordinarily large and sugar sweet, and one of the most winter hardy blackberries you will find. They ripen early and continue over a large period of time.

Sweet Darrow Blackberry bushes are vigorous growing bushes that are remarkably hardy, having withstood temperatures of 22 below zero. The bushes are upright with very strong canes, with the ability to support a heavy crop without breaking.

This is a seriously productive plant yielding huge ebony black, juicy sweet blackberries that appear to melt in your mouth. It is undoubtedly one of the finest blackberry varieties you can grow.

It’s scrumptious flavor, high yields, massive size, long season of bearing and perfect hardiness, even in the coldest parts of the country make Darrow blackberries just about the most treasured of all varieties for consuming fresh, for dessert toppings, pie fillings, jams and jellies.

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Blackberry Plants

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