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Here at Gardening Tools And Equipment('GTE') we are able to offer interesting, and sometimes unusual information, along with impartial reviews and advice on a variety of gardening tools and equipment that provide excellent value.

Based on our extensive real world knowledge of hands on gardening and diy projects over the past forty years, we offer practical information and tips on many different aspects of gardening, that hopefully will get you interested in certain areas of gardening you may not have previously considered.

At 'GTE', we take our gardening as seriously as our customers. Whether you are planning to landscape a new garden, install a koi pond, re-work a tired old backyard into a tropical paradise, GTE may have the answer you're looking for.

From basic garden hand-tools, to chain saws and powerful leafblowers, through to garden structures such as greenhouses and outbuildings, our extensive unbiased reviews and guides will help you get to where you need to go.

The Vegetable Garden...

Vegetable gardening is growing again in popularity as prices of basic food stuffs continue rocketing skywards. Furthermore many people have taken an instant dislike to the genetically modified foods that are now being thrust upon us, with the untold harm it holds for this and future generations.

By growing our own we have more control over the quality and type of fruit and vegetables we consume. We know what's in and on our food, something we have no control over when we purchase from the local store.(Much of the produce bought in shops is lacking in minerals, and a a contributory factor in sickness and disease

As well as being better for our health it can prove to be substantially cheaper, as we can keep our own seeds from previous crops and produce our own compost from organic kitchen and garden waste.

As larger companies continue to push their GM foods on to a largely unsuspecting public we have good reason to take control over our own food supply as much as possible, so at least we know what we are consuming.

About Me...

From a young age, I am now semi-retired, I have always had a keen interest in the garden and gardening, as it provides an interesting outlet in so many different ways.

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is extremely rewarding, and the sheer variety of colorful shrubs, herbs and flowers never ceases to amaze me.

But of course this is only one aspect, as it has extended into many diy projects such as building chicken coops and raising a few chickens, installing fish ponds and sheds, general diy in the garden, and even photography.

Then of course there are the major additional benefits of eating healthily, getting exercise and having a place of your own to relax in at the end of the day.

Hobby & Business...

Having had an interest in computers and the internet scene for more then 15 years, it made sense to combine these hobbies together into one.

The 'GTE' website is the result, and is an ongoing project that will continue to grow significantly over the coming months and years.

You might even want to take your own pastime or hobby and start your own informal home business as lots of other people have done, many with amazing results.

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