Extend The Growing Season With A
Garden Greenhouse

A garden greenhouse can provide the ideal conditions to protect and nurture plants and crops, whilst allowing the gardener to get an early start to the growing season.

As we all know sunlight is essential for plants to grow and develop, and under the right conditions plants grow quicker and larger than their usual growth would allow under normal gardening methods.

However, too much exposure can be detrimental, so the balance has to be just right. It is just as important to have shading and good ventilation in order to have good air circulation and to control the temperature.

Greenhouses are available in all different designs, shapes and sizes and there is no reason why a garden large or small should be without one.

Having a greenhouse opens up an exciting area of gardening where the gardener does not have to be concerned with extremes of weather, the amount of water plants receive can be regulated and fertilizers are not washed away by the rain.

A garden greenhouse allows you to sow and harvest crops far earlier than would have been possible otherwise, and to grow a variety vegetables all year round.

Additionally it offers the abililty to grow unusual plants and flowers not native to your area, whilst protecting crops from harsh chemicals.

Which Type Of Greenhouse Is Right For You?...

Common types of permanent greenhouses are made of aluminium, wood, plastic or polycarbonate, and the style of the one you choose is down to personal choice, however you should consider the cost of subsequent maintenance in addition to the inital outlay.

Aluminum frame greenhouses are maintenance free and will in most cases serve you well for a lifetime. Wooden frame garden greenhouses on the other hand are not maintenance free and do not have as long a life span, they are however still a popular choice for many gardeners.

Glass is still the preferred choice for a greenhouse covering providing an abundance of natural light, particularly during the winter months. It's possible to choose from single and double tempered glass, the double offering maximize heat efficiency.

A greenhouse along with related equipment and gardening hand tools can be a quite a substantial outlay to begin with, so a little planning before hand to determine your exact requirements is a good idea.


There's no need to be just ask yourself a few basic questions and you'll be on the right road.

  • Which type of frame would you prefer?
  • Do you want a glass or plastic covering?
  • What size of greenhouse is required?
  • What additional equipment do you want to include?

Now that you have identified the basics, set your budget and go ahead and check the various options open to you.

Greenhouse Benches
Which benches offer the best value for money?

Greenhouse Equipment
Although your greenhouse will retain heat naturally for best part of the year, you may have to add heating if you wish plants to survive during the colder weather

Greenhouse Gardening
Protect fragile plants and get an early start to the growing season

Greenhouse Heaters
The use of greenhouse heaters makes it possible for the gardener to start the growing season far earlier than normal

Greenhouse Kits
If you can perform simple diy tasks around the home and follow basic instructions, then you can almost certainly can assemble a greenhouse from a kit

Greenhouse Panels
Building your own greenhouse? Or looking for a replacment for broken glass panels?

Hoop Greenhouse
Without doubt the hoop house provides an affordable way to assist gardening lovers to begin cultivating crops.

Lean To Greenhouse
Its characteristic feature is that is makes use of an existing structure. It might be built against the wall of a house, garage or a boundary wall.

Mini Greenhouse
Ideal for anyone limited for space or who requires something a little less than a full size greenhouse

Portable Greenhouse
Lack of space should not stop you from greenhouse gardening

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