Extend The Growing Season With Electric Or Gas Greenhouse Heaters

The use of greenhouse heaters makes it possible for the gardener to start the growing season far earlier than normal, and to grow plants that otherwise would have been extremely challenging to do.

There are many species of plants that cannot survive the cold or hot climate, and is the reason why many local goods such as fruits and vegetables that are ripe during the autumn months can hardly be seen during the summer months.

Since certain plants only grow well at certain temperatures, the gardener should make sure that it is set at the optimum temperature at all times to maintain the proper growth of crops.

Because greenhouse heaters can be expensive to buy and run, one should be chosen that is at reasonable cost but still be able to perform its task properly. This will largely be determined by the size of your greenhouse.

Electric Heaters

In recent years a good number of heaters have come on to the market. The electric heater is one of the most widely known, and is a good choice for gardeners because of the relatively small area used to grow plants.

There are compact freestanding versions, and models that can be suspended from the inside of the ceiling.

Which one you choose is a matter of personal choice as both versions perform well. Being electrically powered they do not discharge gases into the air, making them safe to use in an enclosed environment.

Gas Heaters

Because these heaters are fuelled either by natural gas or propane, they let off waste products due to combustion.

This means that the greenhouse should be vented to the outside to avoid any unpleasant side effects, although some gas heaters are open flame heaters that do not need to be vented. However, they do require a fresh or combustible air intake from the outside of the greenhouse.

The Hot Dawg Heater shown here uses natural or propane gas and is certified for residential or commercial use. It is lightweight and is easily fitted with a couple of angle brackets just beneath the ceiling.

As heating a green house can be a costly excercise there are a number of things that you can do help reduce costs. One to consider is adding curtains, also called by other names such as screens or thermal blankets.

Other areas to be taken into account are edge seals and draft excluders.It's surprising how much money can be saved by making just a few simple changes.

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