Lawn Care Tips And Advice For The Perfect Lawn

Carrying out lawn care correctly is absolutely essential if you wish to achieve the perfect lawn. Realistically however, it maybe beyond the scope of many homeowners to get the ultimate look due to a lack of time, yet with a little work and planning it is still possible to have a lush green lawn that you can really be proud of.

In the real world it's quite likely that you will have to come to a compromise and settle for something a little less than perfect, particularly if children and pets are involved.

There are a number of important steps involved that should be taken to achieve the best lawn you can, including watering, weeding, fertilizing and thatching in the spring, more fertilizer added throughout the year, aerating and over seeding in the fall.


The lawn should be aerated by raking vigorously seveal times in directions at right angles to each other. This will help to remove dead grass and debris and allow air and water to enter the surface. This is an important task that should not be skipped over as it aids drainage and helps to maintain a healthy lawn. Generally this is done during spring and fall.


Adding a fertilizer dressing as part of your lawn maintenance is best carried out in the spring using a hand applicator so that an even distribution is maintained. If fertilizers are applied unevenly it can lead to scorching of the grass and irregular growth.

Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowers need to be regularly maintained and the mower blades need to be kept sharp and clean this will give a much better cut and will prolong the life of your mower.

The lawn mower should be set to the right height. Cutting the grass too short is a common mistake made by many people, believing that by cutting it short they can wait longer between cuttings, which is true but it places the roots at risk of damage from the sun, and allows the soil to dry out quickly, effectively killing the grass.

As a general rule of thumb, no more than one third of the blade of grass should be cut off, which means the grass will most likely have to be cut more regularly. Cuttings can be added to the compost bin with the rest of the garden and kitchen waste for later use.


Most gardens will not have a problem with water logged lawns, but if it is an issue than a lawn drainage system may have to be installed. This can be done professionally or if you have good diy skills and are prepared for some hard work it's possible to do this yourself.

Lawn Care Products
Lawns don’t just maintain themselves, they need care and time to become that stunning carpet of green that home owner’s prize so much

Lawn Fertilizer
If you have an area set aside for the purpose of growing a pristine lawn then close attention should be paid to lawn care and fertilizing.

Fall Lawn Maintenance
Prepare for the upcoming season by carrying out maintenance in the fall.

Lawn Aerators
Depending on the size of your lawn you will need to decide whether you need a manual or powered aerator

Lawn Maintenance Services
If you would like a great looking lawn but lack the time or motivation to make it a reality, you may want to consider using a company offering lawn care services

Lawn Fungus
To deal with fungus and many other common lawn problems, fungicide is often the most suitable option

Lawn Sprinkler System
A properly designed lawn sprinkler system is an essential tool for a healthy functional garden.

Organic Lawn Maintenance
For lush green lawns without man made chemicals.

Summer Lawn Maintenance
The key to a beautiful summer garden is in the watering, mowing and fertilizing methods carried out during the warmest months of the year.

Weed Control
If you want to manage and maintain your lawn, learn the effective ways of controlling weeds.

Bermuda Grass
This grass is generally used in areas that enjoy a hot sunny climate for most of the year.

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