Discovering Lawn Care Products For A Lush Green Lawn

It's just a fact of life that you will need a number of lawn care products and a level of commitment to keep your lawn looking good. Lawns don’t just maintain themselves, they need care and time to become that stunning carpet of green that home owner’s prize so much.

In order to keep the grass growing and looking its best, fertilizer is a necessity. Fertilizer is one of the most important products that will be needed every year, and can help to fortify and maintain a healthy green color in grass.

Fertilizer is used to nourish the root system within the grasses structure. This system needs to be made strong to help it withstand drought conditions and the invasion of those pesky insects that often causes problems with lawns.

When looking into fertilizer as one of the important lawn care products, a home owner needs to evaluate the type of region that they live in.

Ferti-lome Weed & Feed with Dimension is a herbicide plus fertilizer combination product that provides control of Crabgrass and many other weeds in established lawns. It is a premium granular fertilizer providing the nutrients needed for beautiful healthy lawns.

It can be applied up to 4 weeks later than other pre-emergent crabgrass preventers. Controls weeds before you see them. This 16 pound bag covers up to 5,000 square feet. Analysis is 20-0-4.

Depending on the area and weather that it receives, specific fertilizers are developed to assist the grass and its specific concerns. Most area stores will offer a selection of fertilizers created for your particular climate that will help maintain your yard.

Lawn care products that may be needed on a yearly basis include mulch. Mulch is also an important asset, in the way that it looks but and can help to keep moisture around plants. In drought conditions, mulch can help keep the moisture near the roots of trees and shrubbery, assisting in their water retention.

Lawn Care Supplies Include Tools

The majority of home owners will need several lawn care tools to use when working in the yard. With a lawn mower being a primary tool in maintaining the yard. A number of other tools that are essential include, shovels, rakes, spreaders, and even small hand held tools may be necessary.

A few good garden tools make the job of caring for the yard a lot easier. Rakes and shovels are used for many different purposes throughout the yard, and a spreader is needed in order to distribute fertilizer onto the yard.

Even if you have a sprinkler system, a hose can also come in handy when deep watering is needed for trees and plants. Sprinkler systems are great for maintaining the yard, but often trees and plants need more water and leaving the sprinkler on to get them enough water is a waste of water.

Make sure to have on hand all of the lawn care supplies that will be needed to give your lawn a good start to the year and for many years to come.

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