Lawn Aerators For Lush Green Grass And Strong Root System

Using lawn aerators on a regular basis will help to keep your lawn healthy and green. It enables water access to the roots whilst encouraging root growth and thicker turf.

And because roots grow much deeper, grass remains a lush green even when not watered as often.

Additionally, aerating the lawn makes soils less compressed which improves soil drainage, encourages worms, microfauna and microflora and helps to create a healthier root system that is more resistant to drought and disease.

Depending on the size of your lawn you will need to decide whether you need a manual or powered aerator.

Manual Aerators

These lawn aerators are considerably less expensive than their powered counterparts. A manual aerator that is well made delivers significant advantages, most notably usability, selective aeration, and economy. Of course if you have a large lawn then a manual aerator will prove to be harder work and it will take you far longer to aerate your lawn.

Spike Aerator

Spike aerators tend to be the simplest and most affordable manual aeration method, and is carried out using a solid tine or a metal spike and putting an angular hole in the earth.

By using this aeration strategy, turf repairs more rapidly compared to core aeration. A spike aerator can be used at anytime of the year.

However the results using the solid tine strategy are relatively short-term. A further issue is that soil is forced to the sides of the hole thereby compacting the area.

Lawn Sandal Aerator

If you want some extra exercise you can always strap on a pair of aerator sandals and take a walk around your back garden.

The durable steel spikes open air passages to allow water, air, and essential nutrients to get way down into the root system.

Tow Aerators

Popular aerators are those that are pulled behind a lawn mower. These are a good option as they make it possible for you to do two lawn care jobs at the same time.

Likewise, if you possess a garden tiller, there are aerator attachments that enable you to use the machine for severa lawn care functions.

Powered Aerators

Home owners with substantial areas of lawn will undoubtably have a requirement for powered aerators.

Another option is walk behind or riding aerators, these are are considerably more expensive, but can deal with large areas of lawn space.

These both work in a similar manner to lawn mowers, and riding aerators in particular are ideal for people who find other methods of areating the lawn too demanding.

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