Bermuda Grass Lawn Care For Greenfingered Home Owners

Bermuda grass is generally used in areas that enjoy a hot sunny climate for most of the year. This grass is very popular because it grows rapidly and is finely textured and dense. It grows rapidly because of extensive root runners and can withstand heat and will tolerate drought

This grass also hibernates during the winter season which makes it very easy to grow again once the season has passed. Additionally it is very low maintenance and is relatively cheap.

Bermuda Lawn Disadvantages

In spite of the numerous advantages there are a number of disadvantages of using this type of grass where other grass types grow.

The rapid and quick growth can also encourage it to invade flower beds and creep under hedges and shrubs as well as grow on cracks of pavements and flagstones.

As mentioned previously this lawn grass thrives in full sun exposure, so when it grows in shady places it tends to grow longer blades which can look unsightly. Regular lawn care will be required to trim the grass, trees or shrubs which provide shade.

This grass turns brown with the first fall in temperature, although you will find that there are other varieties that are tolerant to the cold weather. In hot and tropical locations Bermuda grass retains a wonderful green color all year round.

However it should be noted that this species of grass is incredibly aggressive, so if you have flower beds or other planted areas close by they will be quickly overrun if not kept in check. This grass once well established is extremely difficult to get rid of because of its substantial root system.

Bermuda Lawn Care...

The use of fertilizer will help to make the grass grow strong and evenly, and thatching and trimming will stop it from spreading to areas where it is likely to become a nuisance.

Overall, this grass is a hardy grass that will need regular lawn care in order for it to grow as required and to maintain its form and appearance. Just like other similar grasses, trimming and mowing is necessary in order to maintain it.

Bermuda Lawn Seed Mix

For a grass that thrives in scorching summer heat and for lawns that are challenged by long periods of heat and drought Scotts 18258 Turf Builder Bermuda Grass Seed Mix is an excellent choice.

It spreads aggressively filling in any bare spots and crowding out those pesky weeds.

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Bermuda Grass

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