Greenhouse Kits For The Gardening Enthusiast

Greenhouse kits could be the best option for the gardening enthusiast who dreams of a custom designed greenhouse, or just derives a great amount pleasure from building things.

Regardless of the reason, just about anyone with a few basic diy skills will find that putting one of these kits together is well within their scope.

If you can perform simple diy tasks around the home and follow basic instructions, then you can almost certainly can assemble a greenhouse from a kit.

First of all you must consider what you want to get from your greenhouse.

How must it look?

If you want an elegant design that is going to look good, then one of the redwood kits may the thing for you. Take a look at the Sunshine range. These are made from solid redwood frames with polycarbonate glazing.

This type of greenhouse kit is easy to assemble because the glazing is built into the frame, so you have no cutting to do. Cutting glass is a tricky business. Fitting glass into a frame is even more difficult and you may have many broken panes before you succeed in getting a good fit. Polycarbonate is safer, and particularly important when there are children about.

Redwood greenhouse kits are good choice. The drawback is their cost. They range from $1000 to $4000. If budget is an important consideration for you take a look at aluminum framed greenhouse kits as an alternative.

At the lower end of the range you may find a design that suits your needs. They are less elegant than the redwood greenhouse kits but Cross Country range are very well designed and will provide years of gardening service.

Priced at $1000 to $2000 there is the Hobby Gardener range of greenhouse kits. These have "snaplass" panels made of polycarbonate. They provide a good height that makes working inthem easy and plenty of space for the plants. Their hinged door and vent system allow the gardener to create an ideal microclimate inside the greenhouse.

In terms of features such as doors and venting aluminum and readwood kits are comparable. They are engineered to high standards.

An aluminum frame greenhouse will never look as beautiful as a redwood one but they have the advantage that the frame needs no maintenance. Once an aluminum greenhouse is built that is all you have to do. From the gardener's point of view they are trouble free.

These are made of aluminum frames and have twin wall polycarbonate glazing. They start as low as $675 making them an ideal choice for the price conscious.

For those on a really tight budget the Little Greenhouse range of kits may be the ideal option.

These kits are covered with four millimeter polyethylene sheeting on a PVC frame. They are less durable than the types of greenhouse kits already discussed but they are more economical and good for the beginner.

If you are not yet sure if you want to make a big investment of time and money then a smaller kit may be a good starting point. Perhaps you do not intend to stay long at your present home and do not want to commit to an expensive structure.

They are even useful if you already have a more permanent greenhouse but want that extra bit of space. This type of kit may be the ideal one for a variety of reasons.

If you need to cover a large area and the appearance of the structure is not important to you, then you could try a portable greenhouse. These are made of a steel frame covered with plastic sheeting.

You can get these for as little as $300. They look like the commercial polytunnels they are, but the hobby gardener can put them to good use. Inside you can create a tropical paradise if you use a double layer of polythene.

Polythene is always a cheap option for a greenhouse kit. But is does not have the durability of polycarbonate or the light transmission properties.

A polythene cover will need to be changed every year or so. Polycarbonate will last for years. In addition twin walled polycarbonate reduces heating costs because it provides insulation and ensures less heat loss to the outside environment.

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