Greenhouse Equipment For The Best Fruit, Vegetables And Exotic Flowers

Greenhouse Equipment is a necessity if you are looking to get the most from your greenhouse. Your goal is to create an artificial environment with the best growing conditions for plants that would not normally have a hard time during the colder months of the year.

Your plants need warmth and humidity, but they also need good ventilation, simply because without a good air flow any number of diseases can result. Moreover, you will want to get the maximum number of plants into the relatively small space of your greenhouse.

Regardless of whether your intention is to grow fruit and vegetables for the kitchen, or wonderful exotic flowers for the home, you'll want to make use of your greenhouse to the fullest extent possibe, that's where greenhouse equipment comes in.

Although your greenhouse will retain heat naturally for best part of the year, you may have to add some form of supplementary heating if you wish plants to survive during extreme cold weather.

At the other end of the scale, on hot sunny days you will most certainly need greenhouse equipment to allow venting the greenhouse as they can become too hot and plants will suffer.

The most straightforward way of course is just to open a door and a window. But if you are at work all day, or plan to take a vacation that is not a satisfactory solution. An automatic system of ventilation for the greenhouse is the obvious answer. It may be as simple as an electronic mechanism that opens a window or a more elaborate system of fans that are triggered by a thermostat.

Univent Automatic Vent Opener

The Univent Univent Automatic Vent Opener Standard shown here automatically opens and closes cold frame lids, greenhouse windows and even skylights during the day and maintains a constant interior climate.

There are no batteries or electricity required, and it starts opening between 55-75°F, depending on how you have adjusted the vent.


The same is true for watering.

It's easy enough to walk out to the greenhouse with a watering can, but is that practical to do four or five times a day in high season? Probably not!

Even the most enthusiastic gardener might think twice at that. An automatic watering system is definately the answer even for a small greenhouse.

A passive system using capillary matting is the cheapest and easiest to maintain. However if you wish to go for something more complex there are systems of drip feed pipes that deliver water to the plants.


For all the year round growing, a greenhouse will probably need lighting as well as it will extend your growing season even further.

Bringing power to the greenhouse is a skilled job and unless you have good diy skills you may want to leave this to the professionals. You can get an electrician to install an outdoor power supply if you do not already have one.

Control systems can be built by an enthusiastic amateur, with parts available at most electronic hobbyist suppliers, although it's true to say that most of us would probably prefer to buy them ready made. They are a good long term investment because they will ensure the best growing conditions for your plants.

You should also think about how you intend to grow your plants. Will the plants be in containers, on benches, or will they grow in the ground? Plants will grow quite happily in the ground, but if you grow the same kind of plant year after year in the same place there can be a build up of disease.

One answer to this problem is to replace the soil in the greenhouse annually, but that can be a whole lot of work. A better solution is to use a growing medium that can be replaced annually such as potting compost.

Additional greenhouse equipment such as benches or greenhouse staging is also very useful, as potting and mixing compost can be done at a more managable height.

If the greenhouse is to be used by someone who has mobility problems then this becomes even more important. A gardener with limited mobility can derive great pleasure from a greenhouse if it is planned properly. Good access is important for all gardeners but especially so for those with mobility problems.

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