Greenhouse Benches Take The Back Ache Out Of Green House Gardening

Greenhouse Benches are amongst the most important accessories you can have in your greenhouse, as they enable you to carry out your a myriad of gardening tasks such as planting seeds, potting, pruning and transplanting, easily and comfortably.

As the greenhouse bench will be subjected to a considerable amount of heat and humidity it needs to be sturdy and resistant to rot and rust, and provide free drainage.

Consideration should also be given to the amount of weight it is expected to hold, flimsy ones will not fair well. It's surprising just how heavy a few pots are when filled with soil.

There is a huge variety of benches on the market, wood, aluminum, plastic, galvanized and even concrete, each having it's own advantages.

If you like to do a little diy you can build a custom one from scratch or invest in a set of plans, not necessarily cheaper but you get the satisfaction from having built it yourself.

Further options include benches with single or muti-tiers effectively increasing the growing surface area, and shelves which provide for extra storage space.

Types Of Garden Bench

Traditional wooden benches particularly those made from mahoghany, redwood or cedar wood, are attractive and functional and will provide many years of service. Large benches can be pretty heavy so the addition of a pair of wheels will make life a little easier.

Galvanized metal benches are used frequently as they are relatively light extremely durable and easy to look after.

Plastic and aluminum benches tend to be cheaper and are ok for lighter work, and whilst they are pretty much maintenance free, the majority are not that stable and not really suitable for heavy pots.

Then there are concrete benches almost immovable, extremely robust and will last a lifetime. The downside is they are large and very heavy, and not really practical for the majority of greenhouse.

The basic potting bench shown above is made from Western Red Cedar. It is weather resistant and sturdy, and has been designed to give many years of service and looks good at the same time.

Additionally it includes a very useful integral molded plastic sink for easy disposal of cuttings and excess material along with a upper and lower shelf for accessories.

A small cost effective bench suitable for small to medium size greenhouses.

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