A Landscaping Rock Is Used To Add Character And Depth Into Your Garden Design

Landscaping rock is used to add depth and texture to your garden landscape. These rocks come in many different forms to suit any type of landscape design.

There are a wonderful variety of colors and many different types of stone from which to choose, and you will soon discover that different landscaping designs will require different types of rock.

The secret is to fully integrate them into your backyard design. It is advisable to position them in places that will add character to the back yard, and not in places that will make it look like you are trying to cover something up or take attention away from another part of the yard.

If you were to just randomly position rocks you will be not doing anything creative for your backyard, and it may wind up looking odd and out of balance. It is important to plan in advance precisely where each of your landscaping rocks should be placed for the maximum impact.

Although it requires extra work, partially burying some of your rocks makes the garden look more natural, and ensures your garden landscaping looks significantly better.

How far should you bury your rocks in the ground?...

Well, the depth will to which you bury them will largely depend upon the rocks that you select for your backyard. If you pick out a really large rock, it will look better buried deeper than smaller ones. Generally you will find that 4 to 6 inches is a decent depth for your rocks to be buried.

Positioning rocks is straightforward enough. Simply dig a hole a little larger than the rock to the required depth, place your rock into and build up the soil around the edges. Thats it!

If you think about it that's what rocks and boulders look like when you see them in the outdoors. The next time you're out and about taking a walk or hiking, be on the lookout for any large rocks and see how they sit naturally in the soil, and how they have weathered over time, then try to get your landscaping rocks in your backyard to look every bit as natural.

Sandstone Medium Sand Poly Architectural Rock...

Natural rocks are heavy and can be difficult to move around, so you may want to consider rocks manufactured from man made materials, which are much lighter and easier to move around.

They can look very convincing and have the added benefit of being able to cover wells, pipes, cable and sprinkler valves. The Architectural Rock shown here is made by the Emsco group and has a sandstone finish.

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