Use Landscaping Stones In Your Garden For Color And
Visual Appeal

There are a number of very good reasons why landscaping stones should be incorporated into your landscaping design. The main reasons are for effect and visual appeal. It almost goes without saying that the majority of gardens will benefit from the addition of stones and landscaping rocks to the overall design.

Of course using stones are not the only approach to give your garden extra depth, however they are one of the the easiest ways.

Additionally you could consider changing the slope of your backgarden by digging lower areas and building up higher ones.

This type of alteration can take a lot of work and some time to accomplish, particularly in very large gardens.

There are a number of landscaping tools you can use to speed up the process, but there are issues such as electrics and drainage that should be considered carefully before proceeding with major alterations such as this. It is much easier to make the best use of stones and rocks to add depth and color to your garden.

Landscaping stones can emphasize selected areas of your backyard, it's also possible to include plants in among these stones. They look terrific placed around the patio or down the side of the fence.

The use of colored stones is another way of adding more variation into your yard, and is particularly nice to have during the course of the winter months when things are so bare and cold looking. The point here is that it is possible to completely transform the appearance of your back garden by using just rocks and stones.

You only have to visit a nursery to see the sheer variety of stones available. As they can be found in all shapes and sizes you can create almost any effect you can possibly conceive, it just requires a little imagination.

Landscaping With Stone...

This is the 2nd Edition of Landscaping with Stone and is a combination landscape design and project book all in one. The latest version has been updated with all new photographs.

The first section of the book provides readers with a framework for incorporating stone in their landscape designs, including a look at the different types of stone used in landscapes, sources of inspiration, and ways to think about stone in relation to other landscape elements.

The second part provides readers with tips on working with stome, from transporting to cutting and setting. There is also step-by-step instruction on some of the most popular stone projects, including pation, walls and rock gardens.

It's quite possible that within your design you have a need for stones of different sizes and colors, this alone can create a totally new and appealing look.

Should you be considering overhauling your backyard this coming year then you will want to look into using landscaping stones within your design. This will bring the entire back garden together as one, and if used appropriately will add harmony and balance to the overall effect.

You can view the various styles and designs online, and get an approximate idea of what you require before visiting your local gardening center or home building store.

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