Twister Fruit Picker

The Twister Fruit Picker is an superb way of picking fruit without causing any damage to the fruit or tree. It is a new and innovative way for you to pick fruit safely and easily without the use of a ladder.

It's slim lightweight design enables you to target individual fruit simply because you can see what you are picking.

Operation is straightforward, you simply slip the Twister Picker into the tree, select your piece of fruit, and  then with both hands, twist it off the tree.

At long last you can forget about battling through limbs and twigs as you have dome in the past with a burdensome wire basket or a bag-type fruit harvester.

One main advantage is that you can select one fruit out of a cluster without any of the others falling to the ground.

This also enables you to reach the best and highest fruit on the tree that normally goes to waste.

The majority of fruit, small or large, soft or hard skinned, can be picked with this easy to use tool.

One thing you will require is standard threaded pole with a 3/4 inch standard Acme thread. The length of which will depend on the height of your tree. A wooden broom handle type pole will be okay for short trees, but for the most versatility an aluminum extension pole is recommended.

Overall the Twister Fruit Picker is a wonderful tool to use. Simple yet effective and probably the handiest fruit picker I've ever used.

I have tried using a number of different versions in the past, including the basket type with a small bag to catch the fruit, and a ladder, and I have found this one to be the best todate.

Temper Fresh Fruit Harvester

As good as the Twister picker is I realize that many gardeners still prefer the more coventional picker such as the True Temper Fresh Fruit Harvester. I must admit that this is also a pretty good choice.

It's 10' telescoping aluminum pole makes it easy to reach fruit and the poly-coated picking prongs prevent fruit damage.

However, on a couple of occasions the fruit has been a little reluctant to come off easily which has resulted in a bit of tug of war. Having said that it performs well overall and will not disappoint.

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