Protect Your Precious Crops
And Trees
With Bird Netting

Bird netting is one way to protect your most treasured trees and fruit bushes from birds. Wonderful creatures as they are birds can sometimes be a real problem for the gardener, and can ruin complete crops if left to their own devices.

Of course there are a wide range of products that may help you with your dilemma. But as birds play an important role in pollinating plants and control bugs we do not to want to deter them completely.

There are various pesticides and some types of machinery that can be employed to protect your crops against pest birds.

However there are birds that do not cause any damage at all and it is these that we wish to attract to our garden. As far as is possible it's always best to stay clear of pesticides as they are not particularly eco friendly and may cause more harm than good.

The safest way to control birds that are causing a problem is to use a good quality netting.

The majority of birds will treat your vegetable and fruit garden like a store cupboard, demolishing all your work in no time at all. Just don't underestimate how quickly they can undo all your hard work.

It doesn't take a lot to protect your garden with netting, so that your vegetation is fenced in securely, faraway from their probing beaks.

By employing bird netting in order to safeguard your garden plot, you aren't harming birds. You're merely protecting the area with a net so that birds keep away.

In contrast to various other approaches to pest management netting doesn't harm to birds. Many pesticides and aroma repellants eliminate birds completely. Furthermore, there are actually legal guidelines in connection with doing harm to birds such as blackbirds and robins.

Netting is extremely versatile and probably the wisest and most cost-effective way to repel birds. A point to take into consideration is that the complete absence of birds from your backyard could potentially cause many unwanted bugs to thrive in areas where they would have been controlled by birds.

DeWitt Netting...

The netting shown here is UV treated for extended life, and manufactured from 1/4-inch polypropylene mesh.

It's an effective and humane way of protecting your prize crops from being eaten, and all of your hard work from troublesome birds and other small scavangers. Size, 7-feet width by 20-feet length.

Easy Gardener 602 BirdBlock..

This protective bird netting helps to protects fruit trees, berry bushes, and vegetables from thieving birds and other garden pests.

It's tough and durable polypropylene netting mesh is considered the ideal method of protection by gardening authorities. 0.75'' mesh provides total protection without harming birds and small animals.

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Bird Netting

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