A Drip Irrigation System Will Ensure Your Plants Get Water When It is Most Needed

A drip irrigation system supplies the exact quantlty of water and nutrients straight to the root of the plant. It can be custom made in order to meet certain requirements, while keeping an optimum level of moisture at the root to in order to encourage active plant growth.

An effective balance of air and water is supplied to each plant, saving water which may have been lost to non growing areas, water run off or wind and sun.

Irrigation systems are useful at any time, but particularly in time of drought when there is a shortage of water.

Having said that, the inefficiencies of a improperly designed irrigation system will become apparent very quickly. An irrigation system must use the appropriate components and be laid out correctly to achieve the optimium results.

Installing A Drip Irrigation System...

Should you decide to install a drip irrigation system, it is possible to select one of 2 types: above or below ground. The above ground variation drips small quantities of water continually on top of the ground, and permits it to soak in. It's all controlled via a pressure controller, that makes sure that water is released at a drip as opposed to a spray or a stream.

Pressure regulators are relatively inexpensive. The entire drip system may be setup using a pressure regulator combined with a garden hose with holes in it (although the ideal choice would be to get a pipe specifically intended for this type of use).

The underground system on the other hand is somewhat more challenging to install and maintain. However, if you’re really into the visual aspect of your garden and don’t really want any visible signs of a watering system, then you might decide it is worth the extra effort.

The underground system is fundamentally just like the above ground version, with the exception of a small trench that is dug for the hose prior to any planting. This makes it possible for the water to have direct access to the plant roots and offers the most efficient form of watering.

Rain Bird Gardener's Kit...

The Rain Bird Gardener's Kit installs easily without digging and without requiring any plumbing skills whatsoever. It provides precise watering for healthy, beautiful landscaping.

Takes care of regulating pressure, filtering sediment and preventing back flow the three essentials necessary to make a drip system work efficiently, and provides everything you need to apply Emitter Tubing in garden areas and spot watering to widely spaced plants.

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Drip Irrigation

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