Give Relief To Your
Knees And Back With A
Garden Kneeler

A garden kneeler is a real asset in any garden, and an accessory that will prove invaluable as time goes by. You know just how difficult it can be to bend and kneel down in the garden for extended periods of time particularly as age creeps up on us, so a small investment now will certainly prove to be most beneficial.

They will enable you to keep comfortable while working in the garden or back yard and help to prevent picking up injuries through sharp stones, thorns and other objects.

There are a number of different design options available, from the simple kneeling cushion, and kneeling pads to larger kneelers with useful side supports.

Fiskars Knee Pads...

The ultra light Fiskars Knee Pads shown here are great for wearing all around the back garden. They're comfortable and will offer protection for your knees from dampness, cold, and harsh surfaces.

They have a light-weight long-lasting design as well as an easy-to-use adjustable strap. I have a pair of these that I find useful for carrying out many other diy tasks around the home that require getting down on your knees.

Gardeners who have an issue with their knees will appreciate the support and protection they provide. They are easy to slip on and remove and provide just the right amount of cushioning.

Garden Odyssey Kneeling Bench...

For gardeners who require additional support a kneeling bench such as the Garden Odyssey will help to take the strain out of back ache causing tasks around the garden.

This bench can be used for sitting or kneeling while doing work in the backyard. There is a secure locking mechanism that provides stability, and the comfy padded foam seat and knee panel provide protection for the knees. After use it can be folded down to allow for easy storage.

Step2 Garden Kneeler 5A0100...

The Step2 Step2 5A0100 Garden Kneeler allows you to kneel, sit or stand, and serves a multitude of different applications in the back garden.

It functions really well as a step stool for reaching up into hard to get places, or you can turn it over and kneel on the pad underneath, or if necessary you can remove the pad from the seat completely for even more convenience.

The Step2 kneeler is extremely robust and certainly large enough to make a comfortable seat.

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