Include A Garden Trellis In Your Garden Design For
Privacy Or Decoration

The garden trellis can be both a practical, yet appealing, way for you to support climbing flowers, vegetables or vines. It's possible to have just one trellis as a center of attraction, or you could choose to use many connected together to establish a gorgeous garden screen or fence.

In recent years there have been a whole new range of styles, materials and finishes made available, so you don't have to stay with the more traditional wooden ones if you don't want to.

Many modern designs are made from materials such as vinyl that are uv resistant and never need painting, staining, or sealing in order to keep their exceptional good looks.

Many homeowners and gardeners still prefer to use the wooden trellis, which is understandable because they are both economical and attractive. The only concern is that overtime the wood deteriorates and requires a degree of maintenance to keep them looking nice.

Hanover Trellis...

However the Hanover Trellis shown here is manufactured from high quality white vinyl, which looks classy and has been designed to last for many years with no maintenance.

You can let your plants go wild all over this trellis without worrying if it's going to break. It has been designed as a freestanding structure and looks terrific beside a wall or as a divider in your backyard.

Supported by long lasting 3.5” by 3.5 inch posts ensure that it is strong and substantial. All you need is a cordless drill, measuring tape, level and shovel and you can build and install this trellis in your back yard in no time at all.

Metal Trellis...

This metal trellis by Laura Ashley will add a touch of class to any garden and is a wonderful way to incorporate a focal point to your garden or provide interest in a landscape border.

It has been constructed of metal for many years of stress-free outdoor enjoyment, and works extremely well against a wall or as a freestanding piece of art in the landscape.

Just the thing for use in a back garden or in the vicinity of a deck or patio.

EarthBox Trellis

Earthbox Trellis...

The EarthBox Trellis shown here is a decorative and practical support system for vines and other tall plants.

It is manufactured from durable, UV-stabilized PVC and was designed to be used with the EarthBox Garden Veneer, which neatly covers an EarthBox, adding a classy look to the dependable container.

(Both the EarthBox Garden Trellis and the EarthBox Garden Veneer are shown in the photo.)

This Garden Trellis measures 55.5 inches by 33.5 inches wide, and easily attaches to the Garden Veneer. These 2 items make it easy for gardeners to exhibit their tomatoes and other vine-grown crops in style.

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