Tree Removal
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Tree Services Experts

Tree removal is not an easy task and in the majority of cases is best left to the tree service experts. As much as you have grown attached to your garden tree, it sometimes get to the point where you just have to make the decision to say farewell.

It is often a difficult choice to make, but there will be times when the tree gets just too close to the house, disease sets in, or it has an infestation of pests.

In the event that any one of these issues arise, it's best to 'bite the bullet' and have the tree removed.

Once you have come to the decision to remove the tree, you will need to plan how to remove it. I can't recall the number of times that I have seen windows knocked out and vehicles damaged simple because of bad planning.

If you have decided that tree removal is within your capabilities, the first thing you will want to do is find out in which direction you want the tree to fall, and determine exactly the distance you will need to clear any obstacles, so that it will fall completely away from anything that could possibly be damaged.

Two ropes should be attached near the top of the tree and anchored on the opposite side to the way in which it is to fall. This will allow some degree of control over the direction of fall. Of course if the tree is very tall you may wish to call in the tree services experts, as it is not without risks.

Once all the necessary precautions are in place, you are in a position to begin the removal process.

If you are considering employing a manually operated axe or saw, please step back for a moment to consider how long it is going to take. Chopping a down a large tree by hand could take some considerable time and effort. A chainsaw is a far better option and requires a lot less effort.

Before you begin tree removal, ensure you have suitable eye and face protection in place to prevent any flying debris from hitting your eyes.

This is oh, so important, I had a colleague who was very nearly blinded in one eye while chopping down a tree, so I hope that all safety measures are in place to prevent this type of accident from occuring. It should go without saying that whenever power tools are being used proper protection should be paramount.

Tree Removal...

The cut should be a "V" cut in the direction you want the tree to fall. Do not make the mistake of cutting a straight line as this can have unpredictable consequences, with the chain saw being jammed in the tree, and or the tree rolling to one side and falling in any direction and could be a major hazard and very dangerous.

By cutting a “V”, in the tree you will be able to get the tree to fall exactly where you want it to. In some instances it may be a couple of feet out as a result of human error in the sawing process, this can controlled to some extent by a few colleagues controlling the ropes previously anchored.

Tree Stump Removal...

Removing the tree stump itself can be a little more difficult. There are several options; you can hire or purchase a stump grinder that will completely destroy the visible section of the stump,or spend a lot of time digging it out manually. Digging out the stump is way more thorough, but takes an awful lot of work as the roots can go a long way into the ground.

It's possible to use a tree stump killer, although this could still take some time for it to rot down, or if appropriate it may even be used as a garden feature of some kind.

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Tree Removal

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