The Oregon Chain Saw Sharpener For Both The Casual And Professional User

The Oregon Chain Saw Sharpener shown here is the 108181 compact mini bench grinder version, and is an alternative to full-size bench grinders. This is a high quality tool that delivers accuracy and precision where space is limited. It is very easy to set up and use and is a good choice for the home user.

It runs on standard 110-volt power and is capable of sharpening 1/4-Inch, .325-Inch, 3/8-Inch and .404-Inch pitch chains. Included is 1 grinding wheel for 3/8-Inch or .325-Inch chains.

Even though it doesn't have the size and power to grind its way through a mountain of chain a day, it still performs a superb job of sharpening chains for the occasional user.

In my opinion it is a good alternative to the full size Oregon Chain Saw Sharpener. Every one of the fixtures fit nice and tight with no unnecessary movement.

It runs quietly, and has easy adjustments to fine tune the sharpening process without overheating the chain and taking the temper out of it

Oregon 108181...

This sharpener has received mixed reviews and considered to be a little on the expensive side by some. It may be because expections are too high and where a heavier tool is required such as the one below. Nevertheless for occasional it appears to be more than adequate.

Oregon 511AX...

This is a professional grinder and arguably the most versatile one that Oregon have ever produced. It is an upgraded version of the widely used Oregon 511A grinder and is capable of sharpening all pitches from 1/4-Inch up to 3/4-Inch.

The new grinding wheel wear adjustment feature makes it possible for the operator to adjust for worn grinding wheels to achieve a properly ground cha-Inch. The 511AX also includes a self-centering vise that leads to equal grind angles without adjustment.

The new clamping base is both quick and efficient, and its built in light makes for greater visibility. Easily mounts to a work bench. A tripod grinder stand is also available separately, which allows for eye level grinding.

The only downside I can see is that the instructions are pretty poor, other than that the sharpener performs well. Mind you at the current price of around $349.99 you would expect it to perform well.

Overall this appears to be a strong and robust machine that is quite capable of dealing with a heavy load. Likely to be of more use to professionals or homeowners with large wooded areas.

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Oregon Chain Saw Sharpener

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