Husqvarna Snow Blowers

Husqvarna Snow Blowers or snow throwers as they are frequently called are well known for their ability to deal with the toughest of snow conditions. Their high capacity machines are well suited to a variety of winter tasks.

The range of Husqvarna snow blowers includes several different engine sizes, and working widths between 24" and 30".

When looking for a snow blower, you should take into account how big the area you want to clear is, as well as the general snow conditions in your area of the country.

A snow blower which has a powerful engine and wide working width, will save you time if the area you have is large and blanketed in deep heavy snow. On the other hand smaller areas covered in dry snow will require less power.

Top Tip

A snow thrower with power steering is easier to maneuver than other models. Choose a model with power steering if you need to make lots of turns; either while clearing large open areas where you need to go back and forth many times or when removing snow from winding walkways.

Husqvarna Snow Blowers include 1 and 2 stage auger/impeller systems combined with an electric start, variable speed and heavy duty tires which provide the best traction. At the top end, the 1827EXLT and 1830 EXLT models both have track drive.

The 2 stage auger/impeller system design enables it to work extremely well even with snow that is compact, grinding it down before it reaches the impeller, And be making use of the various speed settings it ensures the very best working capacity.

Users will find all levers and controls are within easy reach, and the heated handles and electric starter make operation a breeze. The power steering permits optional disconnection of the differential lock which makes for easy maneuvering.

Husqvarna ST121E...

The entry model is the Husqvarna ST121E. This is a very compact and high performing single stage snow blower and is well suited for drive ways and paths.

It is surprisingly easy to move around, and there is an ingenious remote chute rotator that assists the direction of the snow.

This model incorporates the powerful SnowKing engine with electric start and a working width of 21 inches. Even though it comes with an electric start it is so easy to use that most people don't have to use it.

Husqvarna 924HV...

Unquestionably Husqvarna 924HV dual-stage snow blowers are at the cutting edge, they are powerful and incorporate many features as standard when compared to competing units. The 2-stage system allows snow to be fed into the housing by an auger and then discharged through the chute by an impeller.

The 924HV boasts remote chute rotation and a remote deflector, together with a LED headlight for increased visibility in less than favorable environments. This is a great machine if somewhat on the heavy side, and as a result can be a little difficult to move on concrete

Husqvarna 14527E...

The Husqvarna 14527E dual-stage snow blower is in the 'Crown Series' and is truly innovative. It is very powerful and includes a host of features features.

Power steering enables exceptional maneuverability in adverse weather conditions. Adustable drift cutters guide deep snow into the auger housing for clearing.

Additionally there is a standard LED headlight that provides for significantly greater visibility in bad weather.

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Husqvarna Snow Blowers

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