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A quality garden spade is an indespensible hand tool for the garden and one you will probably find yourself using more than any other.It is one of the most important hand tools you will need along with a garden fork and rake.

If you intend to do a lot of vegetable or flower gardening you will need to ensure you choose one that is man enough to do the job, is comfortable to use and is the correct size.

Spade grips should not be overlooked either as they play an important part on how you will manage your spade. They are generally are a 'D' 'Y' or 'T' shape, and everyone will have their own ideas on which one they prefer.

Personally I find I get a better grip using the 'D' shape. This is generally a one piece molded unit made of fibreglass or plastic. The length of spades can vary too, so choose one that you feel comfortable with.

A well made spade is a precision tool that is strong and does not bend under pressure. It can be used to split open compost bags, cut straight edges and capable of cutting deep trenches. The back of the spade can also be used for breaking up clods of earth.

Spear & Jackson Garden Spade

This is one example from Spear and Jackson who are renowned for their gardening tools, and manufacture a range of versatile spades.

Their 7301DS E-Series forged digging spade is super heat treated and tempered for strength, and to improve it's resistance to rusting is finished in a hammer finish epoxy.

The all in one blade shaft has a long socket, double riveted that is strapped for extra strength, whilst the hardwood shaft is weatherproofed for extra longevity. The overall length is 40" and the blade measures 11.5" long x 7.5" wide.

Having a mirror polished, heat treated stainless steel head means that it stands up well to rusting and there is much less soil adhesion, a real plus in the wet weather, and the ergonomic forward tilting handle means that is comfortable at the ideal digging angle.

And that's Not All...

...they have a 'stirrup' design that makes it possible for a straighter, more upright position and far less unbalancing when digging, this helps to reduce back strain.

Additionally the 'stirrup' design of this garden spade provides for optimum weight distribution at the center of the blade, enabling optimum power when digging and with far less effort.

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