Keep Your Garden Hedges And Shrubs Tidy With A Pair Of Garden Shears

You can control those untidy and unruly garden hedges with a pair of simple garden shears. These shears basically consist of two sharp blades with handles, and work very much like a pair of scissors.

They are fine for carrying out smaller tasks, but as they rely on the strength of the operator can prove to be tiring over long periods of time.

For this reason many seasoned gardeners prefer to use power hedge trimmers for trimming large areas of hedges and shrubs, because of the extra speed and efficiency they provide.

Although these shears are pretty basic there are a range of designs offering an assortment of extra features, such as forged wooden or steel handles, steel blades, serrated edges and bump tops.

You may also find some with adjustable blades for either vertical or horizontal cutting. Some of these more advanced designs offer superior cutting performance whilst still remaining comfortable.

In addition to trimming hedges, shears can also be used to trim decorative shrubbery and various other types of plants.

If you have an artistic streak in you and a little imagination it's possible to create some amazing shapes and designs.

ARS Hedge Shears HS-K1000...

For the serious gardener these long handle ARS Hedge Shears have been developed specifically for professional manicuring and sculpting of shrubs and topiaries.

They are robust, lightweight, super sharp and built for sustained use and will slice through the toughest of materials.

An excellent choice for professionals and busy homeowners who desire dependable and sturdy garden tools.


For the ladies there are models which are lighter and short in blade length and handle, making life a little easier.

There are also long handle shears that have angled blades for cutting lawn edges or horizontally for grass trimming.

To keep gardening shears in good working order they should be kept cleaned, honed on a regular basis and stored away when not in use.

Fiskars 9675 Power Lever Hedge Shears...

The power lever mechanism of the Fiskars 9675 increases leverage to make cutting twice as easy as single pivot shears, which makes trimiimg of hedges far less of a chore.

FiberComp handles reinforced fiberglass composite materials, provide strength and durability.

Fully hardened stainless-steel blades hold sharp edge longer and resist rust. They have a cutting length of 9".

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