Rid Your Garden Of Those
Pesky Weeds With A
Garden Hoe

The basic garden hoe does an excellent job of keeping weeds from taking hold without having to continually bend down in the process.

Gardening is a very rewarding pastime, however there are times when clearing weeds from the soil. particularly in difficult to get to places becomes a real chore. That's when you will appreciate this simple garden tool.

There are large number of variations such as the square, wide, V-shaped, bar-shaped and even circle. They all do the job for which they were created, be it that some are easier to use than others.

Of course you can remove weeds by hand but you will find a hoe to be far quicker and easier on your back. Additionally it enables you to eliminate seedlings which have not appeared above the ground.

Several new designs have arrived on the scene in recent years having features not seen on earlier versions.

Fiskers Hoe...

Choosing which hoe to use is very much a personal choice. The one shown here is a Fiskars Garden Hoe which has a good size lightweight ergonomically shaped aluminum handle in a triangular shape to fit your natural grip so there is no more sliding or blisters.

Having a decent length handle means there is less bending and less strain on your back. It is a versatile tool which deals very well cultivating, weeding, and backfilling.

It comes with a pre-sharpened blade which means you can begin cutting into those wayward weeds in the vegetable patch and flower bed without having to stop to sharpen the steel head.


This easy to use hoe makes weeding almost a pleasurable task!

The circlehoe is a radical departure from the design of hoe that most of us have become accustomed to. Arguably it is the ultimate vegetable garden and weeding maintenance tool one can buy. The one shown here is the short 15" version.

Although the circlehoe may look unusual when compared to a conventional garden hoe, it's design makes it possible to cut weeding time in half with far less stress on your body.

The leading edge of the is sharpened allowing you to slice underneath weeds with just a single stroke.

However, the remainder of the head is dull, which enables you to push the foliage of good plants out of the way without causing any damage. And because the center of the circle is open you can see the plants when you are weeding.

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