Blast Those Annoying Leaves Away With An Echo Leaf Blower

The Echo Leaf Blower is a available in a variety of configurations, any one of which will make speedy work of any garden clean-up. Their handheld versions are relatively quiet, lightweight and very popular amongst casual users.

Echo Backpack Leaf blowers on the other hand are a better choice for users who intend to use them more frequently or have large areas to contend with.

Backpack blowers have a higher performance than handheld versions and can finish the task much quicker. These are available in either tube mounted or hip mounted throttles.

They incorporate a number of operator friendly features such as the ProFire® ignitions for fast and simple starting, padded backrests and shoulder straps.

Their Posi-Loc™ tubes enable secure pipe connections, and comfortable handles with “cruise control".

Hand Held Leaf Blowers

Echo PB-250LN

The Echo PB-250LN is their introductory model, a 25.4 cc handheld leaf blower that is light and offers outstanding performance.

It has an ergonomic three position top handle making it comfortable to use, whilst it's grouped controls allow easy control. The 16.9fl.oz see through fuel tank lets you know when you're running low on fuel.

The Echo PB-255LN is the professional version and includes a couple of additional features. The maximum air speed increases from 165 to 191mph, whilst the db falls to 64 from 65, although it is slightly heavier at 10.4lbs as opposed to 9.9lbs.

Echo Leaf Blower

Backpack Leaf Blowers

The remaining eleven models are all backpack leaf blowers, with the PB-770T being the most powerful, featuring tube-mounted throttle control.

It incorporates a large 63.3cc engine and has a fuel capacity of 68.3.

If you want a powerful blower to deal with any situation then this model won't let you down.

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Echo Leaf Blower

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