Brave Log Splitter

The Brave log splitter has been a popular choice for homeowners, farmers and ranchers since their introduction in 1982.  These splitters are manufactured in Streator, Illinois and are designed, fabricated, welded and powder coated in-house for total quality control.

EZ Split Series

There are 2 splitters to pick from in this category, both of which are compact and portable and yet quite capable of splitting many cords every season.


For those of you who split manually, or rent a splitter to split just enough firewood for your home fireplace or wood stove the BRAVE E-Z Split is an excellent choice. With 8 tons of splitting force, the E-Z Split can split logs 18” x 18” and is easily transportable.

It must be said, 'EZ is the word'. I mean, why split by hand when you can just roll this unit out of your shed or garage, fire it up, and get splitting straight away. Portable and compact, lightweight and powerful, just the ticket!

This model is recommended for logs up to 18” x 18” and 2 to 20 cords per season.

Horizontal orientation, splitting action pushes logs thru the Wedge.


  • Engine: 3.5 HP Briggs & Stratton
  • Operation: HorizontalSize 52” Long x 21” high x 24” wide
  • Splitting Force 8 tons
  • Splitting Height: 9”
  • Cycle Time: 18 seconds
  • Beam: 4” Reinforced steel tube
  • Wedge: .75” High carbon steel
  • Log Opening: 18”
  • Cylinder Size: 3” x 18” trunion mount, 1.25” rod
  • Hydraulic System: 1.2 gal. capacity
  • Shipping Weight: 190 lbs.

BRAVE 15 Ton

The BRAVE 15 Ton is still EZ, but larger, much faster and towable.  If you need a little more power have a look at specs below to see why this log splitter could be the most suitable unit for you.

Recommended for logs up to 18" x 18" for 2 to 50 cords per season

Horizontal orientation, splitting action pushes logs thru the Wedge

Fastest homeowner splitter with 8 second cycle time.

Brave 15 Ton


  • Engine: 5.5 HP Briggs & Stratton
  • Operation: Horizontal
  • Size: 64" long x 24" high x 34" wide
  • Splitting Force: 15 tons
  • Splitting Height: 24"
  • Cycle Time: 8 seconds
  • Beam: 5" Reinforced steel tube
  • Wedge: .75" High carbon steel
  • Log Opening: 18"
  • Cylinder Size: 3.5" x 18" trunion mount, 1.5" rod
  • Hydraulic System: 2.25 gal. capacity
  • Hitch: 2"
  • Towing speed: 35 M.P.H.
  • Shipping Weight: 320 lbs.

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Brave Log Splitter

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