A Weeding Tool Is Your Best Friend For Removing Those Unsightly Weeds

You know it's time to reach for the weeding tool when the weeds in you're garden are becoming an unsightly mess and are threatening to take over.

Yes I know, if there is one task you hate more than any other in the garden, it must be hand weeding. Getting down on your hands and knees in the height of summer with perspiration trickling slowly down your forehead and into your eyes stinging is not pleasurable at all.

However there's a couple points to keep in mind which will cut this irksome work down to a minimum. To begin with, under no circumstances let the weeds get a stronghold.

If you weed regularly you will find the soil is finer and the weeds much easier to remove. If on the other hand they do take hold it can become your worst nightmare. Soil that has become hard will double the amount of work you have to do.

It's at times when like this when hand weeders are your best companion. When you find yourself down on your knees rooting around for those bothersome weeds, you'll need a hand weeder that is tougher than the weeds you're looking to remove.

Lawn and Garden Weeder

The Fiskars Lawn and Garden Weeder shown here is really quite amazing. It works well on a variety of weeds, including thistles and lifts out those infuriating roots that so often get left behind when weeding dandelions.

For a garden weeder it's not cheap, but it is a quality tool that does what it says on the tin. There's no more bending or kneeling, and it's a great asset for any garden.

The Fiskars 7870 Garden Weeder is a genuine back saver! Over the years I have used a number of different weeders and I find that this one performs exceptionally well. It has four prongs that grasp the weed roots from all sides, which makes it possible for even very large and deeply-rooted weeds to be extracted.

Angle Weeder

This is one of a number of weeding hand tools that is great for removing large deep-rooted weeds, and young tender growth from paving stones and weeds that are close to plant roots.

It cuts roots, pulls and grabs snagging weeds and it's serrated edge slices through roots with ease.

Push Pull Weeder

The Wolf-Garten push-pull weeder makes it possible for gardener's to change tools in just one click, eliminating the necessity for a storage shed full of space consuming long handled tools.

The wavy dual-edged blades slice through the soil without difficulty, while self-sharpening with each use. Additionally it features side guards that enable you to operate close to plants without disturbing them.

As with all tools they should be kept dry and clean when not in use, which of course seems common sense, but judging by most tools one sees it's worth mentioning again.

Always have a piece of cloth readily available where you store your garden tools, to dry them off and remove any dirt that has accumulated, and remember to always keep the cutting edges sharp.

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