The Great American Food Experiment

by Jon Belton

Here is an interesting video that you may like to share with your readers. It is an enlightening video by best selling author Jeffrey Smith.

It is an incredibly revealing video interview regarding the corruption of the FDA, and shady science that has made it possible to continue to release GMOs inspite of dire warnings bt the FDAs own experts.

Furthermore, it deals with major hazards including tangible examples of extreme damage from genetically modified crops.

After viewing this video and reading a variety of reports on the subject I cannot fathom why anyone would want to advocate GM foods.

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Seeds Of Deception
by: Michael Aucoin

Thanks for your input Jon. I have seen this video previously and am glad you brought it to my attention.

Jeffrey Smith is the director of the Institute for Responsible Technology and is one of the world’s leading advocates against GM foods. He has written a number of books on the danger of GM foods including 'Seeds of Deception' which is a real eye opener.

It covers a whole lot that the biotech industry doesn’t want you to know such as allowing dangerous genetically engineered food into your daily diet and how company research is rigged. The whole issue about the use of GM crops is one that is not going away anytime soon.

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