Super Split Log Splitter For Home And Commercial Use

The Super Split log splitter is possibly the fastest and most efficient wood splitter available today. This is a unique splitter with a 2 second cycle, which is capable of splitting over 2 cords per hour.

It is available in 3, 5, 8 hp engines, and has a driving force of between 12 and 24 tons, yet it works with a lot less energy than conventional hydraulic splitters. It can go on all day on just one tank of gas. Models suitable for home or commercial use.

It's very easy to operate, simply put a log on, push towards the wedge and lift the control handle. It's safe too, operated by just one person with one hand on the log and one hand on the handle.

The cycle can be interrupted at any point by simply pushing down on the handle, the ram retracts immediately.

The reason it's so fast lies in it's unique and patented rack and pinion mechanism, which when activated, by pulling up on the on off knob, a cam lock device rotates and pushes the rack gear onto the revolving pinion gear which is secured to two, seventy two or one hundred pound flywheels moving at three hundred rpm.

The tonnage rating of the Super Split shouldn't be compared with tonnage ratings of conventional hydraulic log splitters, as it has been designed with significantly less splitting resistance, hence less tonnage is necessary to gain even more efficiency than hydraulic log splitters having a higher tonnage.

The rack gear now fully engaged moves forward and splits the log. It's simple yet far more efficient than conventional hydraulic splitters whice tend to be slow and relatively inefficient.

The conventional splitter is slower even when operated with the same size engine. The Super Split allows you to split more wood in more time and with far less effort.

Furthermore there are a couple of additional features which can allow you to be even more productive, such as the production table that can allow you to leave wood on the table to run through the splitter again.

An added bonus is ease of maintenance as there are few moving parts. However should that be necessary you will find parts easy to replace.

Available from the manufacturers Super Split


  • Log Length: 24"
  • Cycle Time: approx. 3 seconds
  • Weight: 430 lbs. (SSJ); 445 lbs. (SSHD)


  • Interruptible Operation
  • One-person Operation
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easily replaceable Parts

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Super Split

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