Plant Shrub Roses As Barriers Or For Ornamental Purposes

Although many shrub roses grow quite large, there are many more that grow smaller than four feet in height. Many gardeners like to use these shrubs for barriers as well as for ornamental purposes. They make beautiful hedges that have a touch of old-world class for your landscaping. The term 'old-world' is used here because these shrubs have been around for such a long time.

Shrub Roses work well for formal or informal landscaping, and if you want to balance your scenery, you could plant shrub roses in among herbs. Incidentally, roses have some of the same uses as herbs.

These sturdy roses have a natural ability to resist disease, and can grow in various climates requiring little maintenance. These qualities make them a friendlier choice for the person new to gardening.

If you have an eyesore that can't be repaired or removed in any other way, it may be a good idea to hide it with larger shrub roses. It should positioned so as to draw the eye more towards the plant and less towards the eyesore, or may even hide it completely.

You may not want to plant shrubs in an area where it will be accessible to passersby who may pluck your favored blooms. If you are trying to win the title of "Yard of the Month", or something similar, placement would definitely matter.

Rose Shrubs in bloom may make them almost irresistible to passing admirers. Besides taking the blooms, the flowers could be damaged carelessly by wandering hands.

The greater number of shrubs you plant, the more beautiful blooms you can enjoy. And in the event that you have an upcoming event they are an easy way to add colorful decorations. It will save work and the additional cost of ordering flowers from a nursery.

Of course you have the added benefit of being able to show flowers that you have grown yourself. The shrubs provide wonderful colors, beauty, and fragrance as well, to share with your guests.

Roses can be used in so many ways. In dried flower arrangements, romantic situations, (such as covering the bed or floor with the petals from your very own shrubs). Or if you're really keen you could try selling the blooms from your shrubs for corsages. Even a blind friend or relative could benefit from the sweet, uplifting smell of the roses. Maybe you are an artist as well as a gardener, if so you could plant your own shrubs for your oil, watercolor, or acrylic paintings.

Planting your own shrubs can provide you with an outdoor air freshener that you could also bring inside to show off in vases placed around a room.

Easy Elegance All the Rage Shrub

This rose is an easy to grow, multi-colored spectacle with tight, coral buds swirling open to apricot-colored blossoms with luminous yellow centers.

Its blooms age to lipstick pink before dropping cleanly away. All the Rage blooms steadily all season, so there will always be a range of colors to admire! It has an astonishingly clean, disease-resistant foliage with a perfectly round form.

No wonder this plant is All the Rage!

It is grown on its own root instead of being grafted onto a hardy root stock. It is always in flower, which is a nice surprise for a landscape rose. All the Rage likes lots of sun and a good watering, or about 1 inch of rainfall once a week. Water in the morning and avoid getting the foliage wet.

Rainbow Knock Out Rose

The Rainbow Knock Out Rose is a vigorous multi-stemmed shrub that has dark pink buds and coral-pink, cup-shaped blossoms which blend with hot pink, then reveal a sunny yellow center. It is as tough as it is beautiful: shrugs off pests, powdery mildew, rust and black spot. A can’t-miss rose that will bloom and bloom from spring until late fall, and then you can enjoy the lovely orange hips through winter.

You can plant these as a flowering hedge, garden boundary or group them as a focal point; they are a perfect anchor for a perennial bed, and are glorious as a cut flower. Take care to overwinter Rainbow Knock Out with a good layer of mulch.

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