The Rainier Cherry Tree Produces The Sweetest And Most Delicious Cherries Imaginable

The Rainier cherry tree produces sweet, large, yellow fruit with a red blush. The fruit is firm and the flesh is fine-textured and clear to light yellow. Supporters of the Rainier truly appreciate the creamy-yellow flesh, which gives the blush of the skin a sunny undertone.

The sweetness is what continues to keep cherry lovers coming back for more. It is an extremely productive tree resistant to cracking, spurs and doubles.

The Rainier tress requires pollination, and is pollinated by the Van, Lambert, Lapins, Black Tartarian and Bing cherry trees. Rainier cherry trees can grow tall but can be held to any height by pruning during the summer.

It should be noted that of all the many different varieties of Cherry trees available to the home gardener, the Rainier is among the best. Its sweet thick flesh makes it so markedly different from all others cherries. The size varies, and the taste means it is really the best of the best.

Trees should spaced well apart in order to provide the maximum amount of exposure to the sun for individual branches.

This will ensure that cherries are fully developed, sweet and ripe at harvest time. Rainier trees will continue to produce fruit for 3 to 5 years, with a bloom period at the beginning of April.

Cherries are a wonderful fruit for home owners where climate and soil conditions are suitable.

Once cherry trees have been well established, they require very little maintenance and are reliable producers. They grow best in areas with moderately cool summers and low humidity.

Rainier cherries are great eaten fresh from the tree or can be used in your favorite cherry recipes. They also freeze and store well, and make delicious preserves and sauces. Once you have tasted these great cherries it is unlikely you will want any other.

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