Keep Your Garden In Trim With A Pair Of Pruning Shears

Pruning shears, also referred to as hand pruners, or secateurs depending which side of the pond you are on, are an indispensible tool for the gardener.

They are sufficiently strong enough to cut through the hard branches of shrubs and trees, in some cases upto 2 centimeters thick.

Basically there are 3 popular designs of blade, anvil, bypass and parrot beak.

The anvil pruner has only 1 blade which closes onto a flat surface. These type of shears tend to crush the stem, however they still continue to be usable even when blunt, and are very effective for cutting through thick branches.

Bypass shears work very much like a pair of scissors, with 2 blades passing each other to make the cut. These tend to stay sharper for longer and are easier on the hands, and in my opinion have the edge over anvil shears.

Parrot beak shears have 2 curved blades at an offset angle which convert pressure into power. These are best suited for plants with narrow stems.

The prudent gardener will have a pair of pruning shears in his arsenal of garden tools for those minor pruning tasks, in addition to a pair of lopping shears to cut through larger branches
Pruning shears can vary greatly in price from less than $10 to in excess of $50. Of course you generally get what you pay for, and higher priced shears are in most cases much more robust, and frequently use superior materials, whilst a number of less expensive shears have plastic-type handles which are inclined to break.

Although price should be a good indicator of value, there are many lower priced shears that are more than adequate for the occasional gardener.

Bahco Bypass Shears

This Bahco pruner is ergonomic in design and a professional tool which is just the thing for pruning tasks in the garden. This pruner has handles tailored for medium sized hands.

The robust blades are coated with Xylan in order to avoid rust and minimize friction. With these shears it's possible to cut stems and branches up to 3/4-inch thick, and the unique angled head design minimizes wrist and arm strain.

The handles are manufactured from fiberglass reinforced plastic, together with an upper soft grip handle cover for improved comfort and maximum efficiency.

Ames Anvil Pruner

The Ames anvil pruner features steel cast handles and over molded grips for extra comfort. The pruner's blades are made from stainless steel for durability and strength, and have a non-stick coating for smooth all-day cutting.

The 7 inch positive latch ensures consistent spring-back. This cost effective anvil pruner is a marvellous choice for home or professional use.

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