A Pruning Saw Is The Perfect Garden Tool For Cutting Those Large Branches

The pruning saw is the ideal gardening tool for cutting those difficult and hard to get to branches, or where lopping shears or hand pruners are simply not up to the task.

Shown below is just a sampling of the many different ones on the market.

Felco F-600

The Felco F-600 will cut branches upto 4 inches in diameter. It has a high quality rust resistant, hard chromed steel blade, and because the shape of the blade is thinner at the top and thicker at the bottom it prevents clogging up.

It's comfortable well designed rubber grip helps to prevent you getting sore hands, whilst the blade incorporates a protection safety catch, and folds away for easy storage when not in use.

Not the cheapest on the market, neverless it is great tool for those smaller tasks that you're likely to come across in the garden.

In Fact...

I think you will be suprised at just how handy it is. I have one that is very similar and has been lying in the garden for a number of years and is still working perfectly well. If taken care of after use and stored in a dry place you should get many years of trouble free service.

Fiskars PowerTooth D-Handle

For heavier work one to look at is the Fiskars PowerTooth D-Handle Pruning Saw and although it's dearer then typical folding saws is not expensive. A D-shaped handle makes for a more comfortable grip whilst the curved design makes it possible for you to get right in close to the tree collar for safe, hygienic cuts.

The 18-inch blade on this model is well-balanced and it's comfortable fixed-blade is intended for general cutting of medium and large branches, green or dead timber. It has razor-sharp triple-grind design cuts on the pull and push strokes and so requires less effort and it won't gum up or bind when cutting live wood.

Bahco Bow Saw

There is a huge variety of these saws on the market differing in quality and size. The one I have chosen to show here is one of several made by Bahco.

All Bahco's saws are manufactured from premium quality steel and protected by a coating of high impact enamel paint. The well designed integrated handle is comfortable, and sawing is virtually effortless.

An imaginative, easy to use blade holing mechanism makes it possible for maximum tension and safe handling, whilst a virtually unbreakable hand guard makes knuckle injuries a thing of the past.

The force 10 is a heavy-duty bow saw hase been designed for the most demanding applications and toughest environments. The lightweight tubing allows for easy handling whilst the 30-blade slices its way through the toughest of branches. Additionally there is an innovative tensioning mechanism for high blade tension.

Fiskars 12-foot telescopic pruning saw

For high branches the Fiskars 12-foot telescopic pruning saw is an excellent gardening too, and is designed for pruning all types of trees. The fully hardened stainless steel saw blade is 15-inches long, and has a triple grind design to cut on both the pull and push strokes.

The robust fiberglass pole extends up to 12-feet, and has a quick release pole lock that stays safely in place while cutting. Having no ropes and with it's low profile design you'll find that it doesn't get tangled up in branches.

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