The Montmorency Cherry Tree Produces Top Quality Fruit For Use In Cooking And Pies

The Montmorency cherry tree is a self fertile tree that yields large sized, dark red, cherries with good flavor and quality. The flesh is clear and yellow in color.

Montmorency cherries are amongst most popular sour cherries in America and are known as the 'classic pie' cherry tree. These wonderful cherries have demonstrated over the years to be excellent for both cooking and pie making.

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The Montmorency cherry tree is incredibly winter hardy, being cold tolerant and resistant to disease. Fruit ripens in early July, and trees can be maintained to any height by pruning during the summer.

This cherry is a variety of sour or tart cherry with a long culinary history as a favorite for pies, and is filled with rich antioxidants and nutrients which may help maintain a healthy body.

Having a rich, tart tangy flavor it is the standard for cherry pies.


Fertilizing is a crucial part of a ensuring a cherry tree produces the maximum amount of fruit. By supplying the essential nutrients via a slow release fertilizer you can be sure that your tree is the best it can be.


It is also advised that pruning is carried out every year in order to maintain a strong healthy tree. Pruning should be carried out in the springtime, before the new growth begins.

Dead and unhealthy branches should be removed and areas where growth is very bushy should be trimmed back. Fruit needs to harvested when ripe as they do not ripen well after being picked.

This heavy producer of outstanding sour cherries is also highly valued for its medicinal qualities.

In fact...

Reseach has shown that drinking cherry juice can help you sleep an extra 25 minutes a night,

Researchers from the School of Life Sciences at Northumbria University have found that Montmorency cherry juice significantly increases the levels of melatonin in the body, the hormone which regulates sleep.

The results show that tart cherry juice can be used to facilitate sleep in healthy adults and, excitingly, has the potential to be applied as a natural intervention, not only to athletes, but to other populations with insomnia and general disturbed sleep from shift work or jet lag."

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