Plant Miniature Roses In Rockeries Or Raised Beds For A Stunning Display Of Color

Miniature Roses are delightful plants that are suitable for containers and window boxes as well as growing in the garden. The majority of mini roses tend to have smaller flowers than standard rose bushes.

Inspite of their modest size these roses are incredibly hardy. In actual fact they are far hardier than the vast majority of tea roses. Miniatures are also likely to be profuse repeat bloomers which makes them very popular.

Miniatures are planted in the same way as full size roses, simply dig a hole a little deeper than the root and approximately 12 inches wider.

If the rose is in a pot be careful not to damage the root. In the event that the plant is root bound, you can use a knife to cut the sides of the root ball before attempting to loosen up the root.

Position the rose in the middle of the hole with its roots spread well out, add soil and press down firmly and water well. Feed regularly with fertilizer throughout the season.

When watering your rose an inch or so of water weekly should be adequate unless of course there are dry periods, If that is the case you will need to water with greater regularity. Pruning isn't a big concern with miniature roses, simply prune before any new growth gets under way at the begining of spring. Just prune back approximately one third of the plant in order to preserve its shape and to encourage new growth.

Miniature roses are just as susceptible to a range of diseases as larger roses. So you should always be on the lookout for early signs and symptoms of damage from insects and other pests and apply treatment promptly.

These roses are wonderful to display inside your home as well. Although many people tend to be dismayed by the longevity of their performance indoors, and soon realize that roses need a lot of sun and good humidity to flower well.

Miniatures can be used in an impressive array of situations, such as rockeries, beds but they probably look at their most stunning when planted in raised beds that are devoted to miniatures.

Miniature roses can provide you with many years of satisfaction, and add color, fragrance and vibrancy to your back garden. Regardless of whether they are adorning a seaside cottage trellis, an arch at a country house or growing wildly along the length of your fenced drive way, miniature roses are timeless and provide breathtaking images to the most discerning gardener.

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