A Lawn Edger is The Ideal Tool For The Finishing Touch On Your Lawn

If you want a lush green lawn with perfect edges a lawn edger is the garden tool to use.

"Why not use a spade"?

Well for one reason a garden edger requires less effort, they are faster and cleaner and , as you're weight is directly centered over the blade you can make a straight, cleaner cut, far quicker.

The traditional manual edger consists of a half moon shape blade and is an invaluable hand tool for the smaller garden. It can cut straight vertical edges leaving a neat and tidy look to your garden.

Using the traditional garden edger can be tiresome if you have a medium to large garden, and inferior ones have a habit of bending at the blade, and handles coming loose and breaking off.

There are however a number of variations on the traditional manual edger such as the '#1 Lawn Edger' shown here which is approximately the same size as a typical everyday garden rake but requires significantly less energy to use.

A great bonus is that there is no bending or straining necessary to use it , just an even heel to toe walking movement does the trick.

It is strong and robust being made of long-lasting stainless steel, and comes with a wooden handle for durability and strength. A marked step forward in edger design it is both easy to clean and straightforward to take care of.

We believe the #1 Lawn Edger is the best manual home garden all stainless steel bladed lawn edging sod cutter tool available today. You can reshape your lawn, flower beds, shrubs and trees. and you get a life time guarantee.

Power Edgers

For larger gardens a power edging tool will reduce your workload considerably.

At the cheaper end of the market is the Troy-Bilt TB516 4-Stroke Gas Powered lawn edger, light and maneuverable it is the perfect choice for cutting a clean edge along lawns, driveways and walks and garden beds. It's small size makes transportation and storage a piece of cake.

Tanaka TLE 600

For larger areas and continuous work you need a proven edger with even more power and durability, and that's where the Tanaka TLE 600 comes in.

It's 50cc 2.5hp two stroke engine slices right through overgrown edges just like butter, far more quickly in fact than any other belt driven walk behind edger can.

It's the world's first and only shaft/gear driven walk behind edger that has been long been acknowledged as the # 1 power tool for re-establishing and revitalising overgrown lawns and sidewalk edges.

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