Kew Red Lavender With It's Impressive Blooms Makes A Wonderful Border Plant

Creating a simple border with 'Kew Red Lavender' plants and 'Cineraria Silver Dust', for a display of color all summer long, even in conditions that are not ideal, well at least for us humans.

There has been plenty happening on the work front during this past week and I was really looking forward to a couple of days in the garden to catch up with all the odds and end that had been missed.

The weather has been wet, wild and warm, and the grass seems to have grown two feet overnight, with weeds growing where plants should be.

Surely after all the wet weather this weekend was going to be different? No such luck, it hammered down throwing all of my good intentions straight out of the window.

Well, athough it was too wet to cut the lawn I didn't want to miss out completely, so I decided to don some wet weather clothing and to get on with enlarging the front garden border, and plant a number of 'Kew Red Lavender' plants together with 'Cineraria Silver Dust' for a contrast.

Kew Red Lavender

I wanted a small colorful plant to edge the border that required minimal maintenance and that would attract bees and butterflys, and come again each year. With a height and spread of approximately 15" when fully grown it fit the bill exactly.

The 'Cineraria Silver Dust 'with it's intense silver green leaves is a nice contrast, and has a similar height and spread.

Thirty six plants were planted every 24" for this project, which with the enlargement of the border took just a couple of hours to complete.

Both of these garden plants do well in full or part sun and prefer a fertile well drained soil. For a continuation of flowers, it's advisable to gently remove dead flower heads.

Cineraria Silver Dust

The Kew Red Lavender is renowned for its impressive and distinct fuchsia like red blooms. It is a small compact bushy plant with brilliant flowers ontop of short stems of green leaved foliage.

Although this lavender plant prefers full sun and well-drained soil, It also does well in poor soil, and when in flower, attracts butterflies and other pollinators.

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