Choose Hybrid Tea Roses For Large Shapely Colorful Blooms

Of all the wonderful roses one could choose to grow in the backyard Hybrid Tea Roses are perhaps the most desirable. For here is a rose with the substance and vigorous constitution of the Hybrid Perpetual, one of its parents, and the varied and delicate colors of its other parent, the Tea rose.

They are without question amongst the most popular roses to be found anywhere in the world, and possibly the gardeners favorite flower. Hybrid teas possess all the virtues required in a flower, beauty, fragrance and simple and easy maintenance.

Regardless of whether it is your intention to grow them for the garden, and to keep brilliant blossoms from early summer to late autumn, or to deck the exhibition bench with the largest and most lovely blooms, the Hybrid Tea Rose stands unrivalled.

However that was not always the case. Way back in 1867 there was only one solitary specimen of the race in existence, and that one was not recognized as being the forerunner of a new family, or distinct in any way, except in its beauty. For the noble rose La France, which M. Guillot sent out in that year, was classed then, and for many years after, as a Hybrid Perpetual.

It was not until 1873 that Messrs. Paul & Son, of Cheshunt, sent out the first so-called Hybrid Tea, the Cheshunt Hybrid. Though in the same year Lacharme introduced that priceless rose Captain Christy: but this, like La France, was for many years classed with the Hybrid Perpetuals.

A trademark of these roses are the long, pointed buds that open by slowly and gradually unfurling. They will grow from 3 to 6 feet tall, depending on the prevailing growing conditions.

However, it should be noted that if you intend growing them for the garden, they will not tolerate harsh growing conditions like many other rose plants. Hybrid teas have been cultivated in almost every color, and their long, sturdy stems make them wonderful as cut flowers.

As with all garden roses several inches of water a week is generally adequate. In hot and dry climates more frequent watering will be necessary.

New plants intended for the garden should be pruned back hard to build up a strong root system and to stimulate growth, whilst established plants will require only moderate pruning.

The majority of Hybrid Teas generally produce several flower buds from the end of each shoot. If you prefer large blooms then disbudding will need to be carried out, this is done by removing any side buds as soon as they are visible.

With such a wealth of fine varieties to choose from, it is a little difficult to make a selection of the very best.

Tiffany Tea Rose

The Tiffany Hybrid Tea Rose produces gorgeous pink flowers that bloom repeatedly throughout the growing season, if deadheaded regularly. It has dense foliage that forms the background for the pink flowers.

Because these roses are long lasting they are extremely popular in the floral market place for their use as a cut flower. Hybrid tea roses are the most popular class of roses. These roses grow into sturdy, upright plants. They bloom continuously or in flushes throughout the growing season.

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