Cover Unsightly And Akward Areas Of Your Garden With A Ground Cover Rose

The idea of using a ground cover rose to cover up unsightly areas in the garden has been around for a very long time. However, even in the wild many roses hug the ground naturally.

Of course these roses can be planted as groundcover for a variety of reasons, and can create an effect that is very attractive.

One consideration here is that they will not act to control weeds, so you will need to prepare the soil well before planting.

A ground cover rose can grow out as much as six feet wide or more and anything upto 2 feet high. This will give you some indication as to the variety of rose you should choose and also how many.

Most people imagine a rose plant in a shrub form not as groundcover. The attractiveness of it not surprisingly, is much more than simply the advantages of coverage, but of adding an explosion of color to your backyard.

So the question is "Why use a rose for groundcover at all?"

Well for starters it helps to prevent the erosion of banks, it grows low, and is able to cover an extensive area. It is advisable to go for roses that bloom repeatedly and is disease resistant. Also depending on the effect you require pruning may be required, and any dead stems should be removed.

The majority of roses are grown for their beauty rather than their fragrance, so if it's fragrance you're after you will need to check out which varieties are going to be the most suitable.

As a ground cover rose tends to be rather thorny this may also have an impact on your choice. If you need to access other plants nearby you may wish to take into account their positioning to make sure you're not constantly battling with the abuse from rose thorns. Any weeds that manage to penetrate the groundcover will present more of a challenge to remove.

One of the most popular groundcover roses is the Flower Carpet Series. The 'Glacier Magic' rose in particular has a spectacular white flower It is an upright, free-flowering bush with large, lightly scented double blooms that can vary in color depending on the environment in which the plant is grown. It's just like adding a light to the darkness of a non blooming groundcover.

Then there are several groundcover roses that don't appear to be like your traditional idea of a rose at all. For instance, the Rosa 'Nearly Wild' has a lesser number of petals and opens wide. It's a colorful vision that is a pleasure to own.

As soon as it come to figuring out where you should plant your groundcover rose, just be sure you steer clear of places where foot traffic is going to be a problem.

Take into consideration whether you'll need to pull a water hose out to the area to be watered. If that's the case, you might want to invest in a soaker hose, and ensure that it is the correct length.

Should you have a substantial area to take care of, or if your ground cover rose is going to be spread out to incorporate other parts of your back garden, the addition of a wheelbarrow will be invaluable.

Additionally a pair of garden gloves to protect your hands against thorns would be a wise move. Other tools such as a hoe for weeding, secateurs for pruning, and knee pads will make your working environment much more pleasant.

Scarlet Meidiland Rose

The Scarlet Meidiland Rose produces clusters of bright scarlet red flowers for the entire summer. This wonderful groundcover type rose has deep green, glossy foliage that is disease resistant.

It may well die-off during the wintertime, having said that it will blossom profusely on new canes. This rose has it's own root which has the advantage of once established they are very resilient.

If during the winter the freezing weather kills the top growth, the rose will re-grow during the springtime, and the restored rose will look just like the one you purchased.

Rose, Peach Drift

The Rose, Peach Drift produces an plethora of peach blooms that cover this low mounding ground cover rose from spring until frost. It requires extremely low maintenance and is disease resistant.

They are a cross between full-size groundcover roses and miniatures. They kept kept toughness , disease resistance and winter hardiness from ground-cover roses and from miniature roses, they inherited their well-managed size and repeat-blooming nature. Great as groundcover but has virtually no fragrance.

Rosa Hybrids

Rosa Hybrids Oso Easy Fragrant Spreader is an excellent groundcover rose that continues to be extremely compact yet spreads to four feet wide. This rose has plenty of fragrant, single pink flowers that blossom at the end of spring and through to late summer.

The Fragrant Spreader foliage is resistant to deer and stays clean without having to spray. A wonderful choice for mass plantings. Grow in medium moisture, slightly acidic, well-drained garden loams in full sun.

It should be watered deeply and regularly (mornings are best). Overhead watering should be avoided.

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