Garden Storage Sheds
The Perfect Place
To House Your Garden Tools

Garden Storage Sheds are great if you find yourself running out of somewhere to keep your garden tools. If your garage is full of the kids bikes and close to breaking point, and your garden is beginning to look like breakers yard it's time to consider a storage shed.

Available in a range of sizes and colors in wood, metal, plastic and vinyl, you can be sure to find one that will fit in with your surroundings.

If you have a relatively small amount of tools to store a small shed will probably suffice, unless of course you want it to double up as a workshop.

You can get sheds from as small as 4'x4' all the way upto 22'x10'. Just one point, check the quality of the build, good quality storage sheds will last for many years whilst inferior ones may last only a season or two before they start to deteriorate.

Garden Storage Shed

Check for those with thick cedar wood, mahogany or redwood cladding not the cheap budget whitewood ones so frequently found.

A shed made from hardwood is the perfect choice as it is resistant to decay, fungus and pest damage, and also has the added advantage of allowing you to customize it, by staining or painting in a color of your choice to match your surroundings.

Vinyl Storage Sheds

These sheds are contempory in design and an alternative to wooden sheds. The better quality ones never need painting or treating, they won't rust, dent, rot, mildew or fade, and tend to be quieter in the rain than metal sheds, making them an excellent choice for the backyard or garden.

Is Space An Issue?

It doesn't have to be any longer, lean to or chalet type sheds can stand against the side of your house or any large out-building and will accommodate all your garden hand tools, enabling you to keep organized, so there is no need to wonder where you last left those garden secateurs.

Bunker style sheds take up little space and although not quite as convenient as larger sheds are a convenient place to keep your tools secure and away from the elements.

What Size Storage Shed?

The larger the garden storage shed the more expensive they become, so it's a good idea to plan ahead, no need to get one bigger than you need.

At this point you may wish to consider the access.

Are you going to use your shed for storing your lawnmower and wheel barrow?, if so you will need to ensure the door width is large enough to accomodate them. The addition of a ramp would also allow you to get the larger items in more easily.

Shed Kits

Garden storage sheds in kit form are a good alternative to prebuilt ones so if you are planning on building one make sure you do your homework first. If you are a carpenter or experienced handyman you have the advantage over the novice, in a few ways.

You will be able to determine what would be best for you, either using one of the many shed kits or building from scratch. With your experience your have more options based on your knowledge.

Novice builders have the same options, but it’s a matter of what would be best for you. It really would be worth your while to check out the wide range of selections that are available.

I know, you really wanted to build this from scratch, and maybe you feel like you’re cheating if you use a kit. On the contrary, you are making a wise decision, and besides someone has to still put it together, plus you can customize it. It’s that overall finished look that a person takes pride in, not in how many pieces of wood they had to cut.

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Garden Storage Sheds

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