Points To Consider When Buying A Fruit Tree For Your Back Garden

Although the process of growing and caring for a fruit tree can be challenging at times, one of the hardest decisions to make is choosing which kind you want. You will need to choose between the many sizes,the type of fruit, and several other attributes. The different sizes include: dwarf, semi-dwarf, and standard.

Your choice can affect everything about your growing experience, including the amount of work you have to put in and the amount of rewards (fruit) you will obtain.

Dwarf Fruit Trees

These trees are ideal if you have a limited amount of open space in your garden. They take up as little as an eight-foot diameter plot of land. Although dwarf trees are smaller than other trees their fruit is just the same, and because they are shorter they are easier to prune and harvest.

Dwarf trees aren’t known for living quite as long as their larger counterparts. They begin to bear fruit after three to five years, so if you are going to buy a dwarf tree from a nursery you should always check and see how old it is.

Semi Dwarf Trees

Semi-dwarf trees are medium sized, and when they are fully grown they take up a fifteen-foot diameter. Semi-dwarf tree's height can range from as low as ten feet to as high as sixteen feet. To keep them from getting too large you should prune them at least once a year.

Occasionally semi-dwarf trees take a season off and produce little or no fruit, but mostly they produce lots of fruit every year. Many people enjoy having semi dwarf trees because they produce more fruit than a dwarf tree, and they are generally easier to harvest and maintain than a standard tree.

Standard Trees

Standard sized trees take up much more space then any of the other tree varieties, and they are a little more demanding to manage and harvest the fruit.

If you do not prune them they can grow as large as thirty feet. They can take a very long time to reach their full height, but they usually begin to bear fruit after only three to five years.

If you are just looking for a good tree to provide you with plenty of delicious fruit and to keep your garden shady, a standard sized tree would be the perfect choice.

The best variety of fruit tree to grow is one that is a natural resident of your area, as it will take less work to maintain, and although you may wish to grow trees bearing other, more exotic kinds of fruit you must realize they will require more commitment and time if you wish to get the optimum amount of fruit.

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