The Karcher K3540 Power Washer Deals With The Most Arduous Cleaning Tasks

The Karcher K3540 power washer is one of Karchers award-winning K3 series of pressure washers and provides a cost effective way to manage those arduous cleaning tasks around the home.

This model provides top quality performance in a simple streamlined package. This model comes complete with 2 spray wands, that can deal with the most demanding tasks you are likey to come across.

For those really challenging tasks, simply attach the DirtBlaster spray wand to boost the effective pressure by up to 50-percent. Whilst for those less demanding or less-intense jobs, connect the Vario Power Spray (VPS) wand, which enables you to adjust the amount of pressure right on the wand.

The Karcher K3540 model features a forward thinking, patented water-cooled induction motor which provides outstanding performance and a long life.

Additionally it is furnished with a quick-connect system to lessen your startup time by as much as 75-percent, along with an onboard detergent tank making it an easy task to clean with detergents.

Simply fill the tank with power washer detergent, fix the VPS spray wand, select the low pressure setting and apply the detergent to the area you wish to clean. The ergonomic design ensures it is easy to maneuver and operate. It's also possible to draw water from a standing source, a feature that comes in handy when a water faucet isn't available, (an optional accessory is required.)

You will find that it is far less noisy than the majority of gasoline pressure washers and is certified by CSA International for safety. It does appear that the Karcher K3540 is the perfect choice for residential use.

So, in the event you find your are cleaning frequently, appreciate durability and demand that professional-level cleaning results that only top quality products can provide the K 3.540 is worthy of closer inspection.

T-Racer Attachment

One point to bear in mind is that if you have large areas of decking or patio to clean it's worth investing in the T-Racer attachment. It saves time by cleaning a 12-inch wide area gently as it hovers, providing consistent, streak-free cleaning.

Trying to clean large areas with a regular spray wand is time consuming and backbreaking. and if you're not careful, can leave streaks due to the difficulty in keeping the nozzle at a consistent distance from the surface.

The T-Racer prevents streaks by maintaining its 2 nozzles at a fixed height from the surface, and due to its high velocity spinning reduces the time spent by cleaning a 12-inch area with every pass.

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